What Exactly Happens in an Estimate and Do I Really Need One?

June 24, 2021

As a part of the Inbound Sales team here at Webfoot Concrete Coatings, I get asked many different questions every single day. Questions regarding pricing and color options, to durability and warranty agreements- you name it! While I wish that I had all of the answers, the truth is, I am not a concrete specialist. However, our team of sales professionals have been in the business for quite some time and they truly are called experts for a reason. Their knowledge and expertise is unparalleled when it comes to estimating concrete surfaces.

While it is true that I schedule the estimates for our specialists, I have never actually been on an estimate myself. I often hear from customers how helpful and informing these estimates are. But I think it’s time I find out for myself what exactly goes on during these estimates and give you a behind the scenes look! Find out why we strongly suggest meeting with our experts in person and what value YOU gain after one of our appointments!

I am going to go on an estimate with one of our specialists Daniel Pfau to give you an inside look at what you should expect when you choose Webfoot Concrete Coatings. Let’s get started after you decide to schedule an estimate!

Once you call one of our Inbound Sales Reps to schedule an appointment and we find a time that works for you, you’ll get an email and text confirmation with your appointment information. About 40 minutes prior to your estimate, you’ll also receive an automated text reminder that your specialist is on his way!

Let’s get to the good stuff! What happens on the day of your estimate?

Step 1:

Daniel and I arrived at the estimate at 11:30 to give a quote for a 2 car garage. Upon arrival, Daniel gave our customers a brief overview of what he was going to do. He suggested finding a place where they could sit and talk for a couple of minutes. During this sit down, Daniel showed a 5 minute video that shows exactly what happens when Webfoot coats a surface. This includes: the grinding, prep work, crack mending, and coating process!

Step 2:

He also wants to get an idea of what YOU are looking for. Is this a space to park your car? Or is it a work out room? Do you want to turn it into a shop? Or is it a place to store your sports car? He wants to get to the bottom of what you plan on turning your garage space into!

Step 3:

After the quick sit down, Daniel heads for the garage to get his measurements. At first, I was concerned that their garage was full of “normal” garage stuff! Cars, holiday decorations, cleaning supplies, and a fridge. Don’t get me wrong, my garage looks the exact same way! However, Daniel, along with all of our concrete specialists, uses a laser measuring tool to get the most accurate measurements without moving a thing! He is able to account for the different areas of the garage while it was full of items- pretty cool!

Step 4:

One of the most important measurements that our specialists take during an estimate is the moisture level of the concrete. When I first heard about the “moisture level of concrete” I assumed that meant that the space must have experienced some sort of flood. However, all concrete has moisture in it! It’s crucial that our specialists measure the amount to make sure that our product will completely adhere to the underlying concrete surface.

Step 5:

My personal favorite part of the estimate are the physical color and speck samples that Daniel brings with him. He has several different colors that you can look at and get an idea for. He starts by asking if you’d prefer more tans and browns or blues and grays. I had no idea how many options there are for coating a garage floor- it’s pretty impressive!

Based on all of the information that Daniel finds, he calculates this into his Ipad, along with the other notes that he takes during his inspection. He is able to give a price for the project right then and there! He, of course, sends all of the information and a bid to the customer’s email address. From that point, the customer can either choose to accept or reject that bid. If you choose to accept the bid, you will get a call from our scheduling and finance department to get all set up for an install.

All in all, there is a reason that we always suggest that our customers be scheduled for an in person estimate. The knowledge shared during these quick 35 minutes is astounding! Not only do you get this uninterrupted time with a trained and certified Pentek dealer, you’ll also get advice on how best to transform your unique space. The bid is also good for an entire year, so if you’re not planning on getting this project done right away, that’s completely okay!

We want all of our customers to be absolutely thrilled with their concrete surfaces, this is why we want one of our experts to take a look at it first hand. Your space is unique to you. What you do with it and how you want it to look is up to you. When considering options for turning a part of your home into something you can love looking at everyday, try giving Webfoot a call. I promise you won’t regret it.

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