5 Ideas for Creating a Custom Garage Gym

If you take your fitness seriously, you probably already go to the gym regularly— an activity with many health benefits. But have you ever thought about setting up your own gym right in the comfort of your home?


It's easy to get discouraged when you have to walk several minutes every morning or drive a long distance after a tedious day just to get to the gym. On the other hand, having a gym that is only a few steps away from your living room makes it so much easier to want to hit the workout and stay fit. Also, having a gym in your garage saves you the money you would have otherwise spent on expensive gym memberships, and those are only two of the several other reasons to have a home gym

So, if you have some under-used garage space and the idea of having a home gym sounds good to you, we’ve got you a few useful ideas for creating a custom garage gym that you absolutely enjoy using. 

5 Ideas for Creating Your Custom Garage Gym

Creating a garage gym that suits your style does not have to be an arduous task. Here are a few steps to guide you through the process. 

1. De-Clutter & Clean Up

couple rowing in garage gym

It is common for garages in most homes to serve as stores for all kinds of items and get the least attention, which is why they eventually become badly cluttered and unsightly. But with all the disadvantages of clutter—like using up your space and messing with your mental health—it is definitely the first thing to sort out as you prepare your garage gym. 

A clean and organized space that is yours makes you feel more comfortable and opens your eye to the amount of space you have and how to make the most of it.

Start by removing everything you do not use— store them, give them away or discard them—and keep the place tidy.

2. Create a Plan to Maximize Your Usable Space

home gym with space for two people to workout

Once you have cleared out your garage space, the next thing is to plan how you want to make use of your space. You may want to think about a few factors like;

  1. Your available space: If you have limited space and want to create a small home gym, you should take the time to plan out the different areas you want to use in your gym, such as where you want to install equipment, accessories, and storage systems. Remember to leave some space for easy movement. 
  2. Other uses for your garage: If you have a more spacious garage, you may want to consider creating a multi-purpose space that also doubles as car storage, workspace, or other storage space in addition to the gym. 

Also, ensure that your garage gym is properly ventilated so you can enjoy every time you spend there.

3. Paint Your Walls & Cover Your Floors

finished garage gym

How you decorate your home gym is one of the factors that determine if you will enjoy working out frequently there or not. Check out different garage wall ideas and paint your wall to suit your taste and style. You may like colors like white, green, blue, or red, as they have been proven to empower workouts but regardless, make sure to go for shades that make you want to be in your gym as often as you desire. 

4. Choose Your Home Gym Essentials

home gym essential equipment

Once everything about your home gym decor is set, it’s time to choose your home gym essentials. Think about what exercise routine you would want to follow— such as cardio, resistance training, weight/strength training, and mobility/floor work— and acquire corresponding equipment as needed. 

5. Get Custom Storage to Keep Your Space Organized

home gym custom cabinet storage

Planning out your home gym storage keeps your space usable. Whether your garage serves as a small home gym or a multipurpose space, you will need to keep things properly to avoid damage and accidents. Custom cabinets are your best bet for this purpose, as they help keep things tidy, organized, and beautiful. 

The best part is that custom cabinets can be built to meet your needs, regardless of what you need to store. Choose Webfoot Garage Cabinets with a personal design consultation to get exactly what you need.

Achieve Fitness Goals with a Garage Gym 

A gym in your home garage is a surefire way to achieve your fitness goals and save yourself some money and also the stress of going to a possibly faraway gym every week. And unless you want to set up an entire gym, you probably won't need more than a parking space for your garage gym if you plan properly. Give it a try.