commercial paintng


Commercial projects require a professional team with “large-project experience” and a proven track record. We’ve painted many of Central Oregon’s favorite business establishments (and St. Charles hospital!) You can trust we’ll place a premium on safety, be in and out with minimal disruption, and leave the surroundings sparkling clean.

A building with a car parked in front of it.


Webfoot has the experience, equipment, and training to complete your painting project in the most efficient method possible. Our teams are certified and trained to operate any equipment your job may require. We can paint challenging surfaces including metal surfaces, CMU blocks or bricks, plastic walls or paneling, or areas that need anti-graffiti coatings or chemical resistant coatings.

A red building with a bunch of bikes parked outside of it.
A town place suites sign in front of a building.
A building on top of a cliff surrounded by trees.
A building with a sign on the front of it.


We’ll work with you to fully understand your business’ needs and develop a plan for your project that has minimal business interference. When the project requires it, we’ll work nights, weekends, or holidays to paint while your business is closed. We’re accustomed to working around employees, tenants, homeowners, and customers. We take extra care in keeping a clean work area and always communicate in a polite manner and tone.

A room with a yellow wall and a black chair.
A plant is sitting on top of a counter.
A couple of men that are standing on a ladder.
A person standing in a room with a tile wall.


Common challenges we encounter (and are well equipped to manage) include:
  • Keeping a storefront open while painting

  • Managing multiple tenants/owners in one building or complex

  • Controlling/restricting vehicle traffic

  • Short timeframes for project completion

  • Environmental concerns for surrounding habitat (river front, bridges)

  • Height challenges

  • Safety precautions

  • Lead paint… and more

A building with a street sign in front of it.