Deck refinishing


Is your wood deck losing its lustre? Splinters showing through? We have specialized teams that will bring your deck back to life and protect its beauty!


There’s no question wood decks are beautiful, but they need maintenance to stay that way. We’ve got three services to keep your deck looking its best.

A man sanding a wooden floor with a sander.


We’ll take your dull, weathered deck and restore its finish to a like-new condition! Using specialized equipment, we meticulously sand every inch of the deck surface, including hard-to-reach areas like edges, nooks, and corners. Our attention to detail extends to sanding against siding, under benches, and along handrails to ensure a flawless finish.

We then use our proprietary blend of non-toxic wood cleaners to remove dust, restore pH levels, and prepare the wood for staining. Precision is key during the staining phase to avoid over-application, which can lead to ugly sticky areas prone to collecting dirt and debris.

When we’re finished, we responsibly dispose of all materials to mitigate fire hazard, and leave you with a beautifully refinished deck, ready to be enjoyed.


Don’t need a full refinish? We can apply a new coat of stain or sealant over an existing finish on a deck without the need for extensive sanding or stripping. This process is typically done when the existing finish is still in good condition, but is beginning to show signs of wear, such as light fading or minor surface scratches. Schedule a bid and we’ll come out and recommend the right service!

A man in a white suit cleaning a wooden deck.
A porch with a wooden railing and stone pillars.


Our maintenance program ensures your deck stays looking its best. After the initial refinishing, we’ll come out each year and conduct a thorough assessment, crafting a personalized maintenance plan tailored to your deck's specific needs. By adhering to an annual maintenance schedule, you'll enjoy a beautiful deck without the need for frequent refinishing, saving you time and money while preserving your deck's beauty for years to come.