The Webfoot Process

Thoughtful Design Experience

Experience a one-on-one design process with our professional Design Consultant to understand your usage and storage needs. Receive attentive service from a top-rated design expert to build out your dream garage.

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3D Master Plan

Visualize your space with 3D renderings of tailored storage solutions featuring custom cabinets, slat walls, and useful add-ons for bicycles or other hard-to-store items.

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Upgraded Garage = Upgraded Life

Experience the joy every day of an optimized space that serves you. Easily do more of the things your family loves with a place for everything.

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Seriously Satisfied Customers

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"The cabinets are hands down a higher standard than anything I’ve ever had. I’ve purchased a lot of cabinets before in other homes, but nothing compares to this…Same thing with the concrete coating, it's far superior over anything I’ve ever had done."

Curt Gates

"[Webfoot] really helped us organize this space with their custom cabinets. They were so helpful in finding a wonderful color that matched the motif…and just kind of tied everything together. In addition to the aesthetic value, they provide tremendous storage space for us…Our vision became reality."

Matt Cole

"This is my last garage so I wanted it to be right—and it's right. I would definitely recommend [Webfoot] and I don't like recommending people—because if the job's bad, it comes back on you—but...I would definitely recommend them anytime."

Chris Gibbons

"[Webfoot] installed my garage cabinets. They are top quality cabinets that are powder coated for durability. The crew leader made sure we were consulted before, during, and after to make sure we were completely satisfied with the job."

Ricky Berkey

The Webfoot Touch

Professional Strength

Our custom powder-coated cabinets are made with dado joints. This allows the load to be dispersed along the full length of the panel, giving each cabinet exceptional load-bearing capacity. Your new cabinets will not sag, cup, or tilt over time.

professional strength cabinet pieces


We use TSCA Title VI compliant, LEED qualified HDF and MDF wood from sustainable forests and LEED qualified powder coating technology. Our powder coating does not contain solvents OR produce any VOCs or hazardous air pollutants (HAPS).

eco-friendly powder-coating being sprayed on cabinet pieces

Seriously Durable

Every surface of your cabinets- both inside and out- will be powder coated, which is an important detail. Powder-coating is highly durable and extremely moisture-resistant. Unlike metal, our cabinets are easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant, and have excellent color retention.

close up of powder-coated cabinets

Built to Order

Every garage is unique, and so are your needs. With our custom designs and built-to-order, custom sizes, we can maximize any space. We don't use "standard sizes" or modular short cuts. Each project is unique.

custom cabinet solution

Fully Enclosed

Each cabinet box is fully enclosed on all sides, and all sides are powder coated. Unlike other garage cabinets, ours are made with a full back panel (more dado joints!), which increases strength while decreasing moisture penetration, dust collection, and pest access.

dado joints

Made in the USA

All of our cabinets are manufactured and coated in Caldwell, Idaho.

cabinets made in the USA

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