Design Your Garage with These Webfoot Favorites

July 11, 2023
Clean and organized garage with custom floors and cabinets.

You may see photos of custom garages and wonder if it’s worth it to spend money on improving a relatively unseen area of your home. Much of the time, home improvement dollars are spent on places that you spend more time: the bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedrooms, a back deck, the front porch. What are the benefits of investing a professionally designed and installed custom garage?

  • Increased Space: When you spend the money on a garage organization system, it actually can impact the rest of your living space as well. Think about how much more space you could gain in your house if you were to move some of your seldom-used belongings to the garage.
  • Home Value: When would-be buyers first walk into a home for sale, one of the first things they check is the home’s storage space. Having a custom garage can cause those offers to come in a bit higher than they would otherwise, and they also can encourage buyers to make a bid; they won’t want to miss out on having a custom garage of their own!
  • Safety: When you have items on the floor of the garage or stacked precariously, they can get damaged. A bump from a running child or from opening the car door can bring piled items crashing down. If inclement weather causes some water buildup on the floor of your garage or if the water heater springs a leak, those items on your floor can get damaged from the moisture. Having your belongings safely stowed in drawers, cabinets and overhead storage bins eliminates those concerns.

Webfoot's Favorite Garage Cabinet Options

A custom garage storage solution that meets all your needs is possible with Webfoot. Together with a Webfoot Design Consultant, you can design a cabinet system that can hold your tools, matches the color of your walls, and is a perfect size. The first step in finding such a system is envisioning what you want or need. Each of us has different tastes in aesthetics and interior design, as well a essential garage functions you need for your family. Start by choosing color schemes and patterns that appeal to you. When you have a clear idea of what you want your space to look like and what you need to store, you can customize cabinet and hardware colors, add-on colors (slat walls), and floor coating colors, all to match. Here are a few of the options and styles to consider:

Aesthetic Style

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Custom

Building Materials

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Composite

Storage Configurations

  • Base cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Overhead storage
  • Functional slat walls

Accessories & Customization Options 

  • Workbenches
  • Tool organizers
  • Lighting
  • Slat wall accessories
Garage with cabinets and slat wall organization.

Choosing a Cabinet Option

Your choice of garage cabinet can make or break the functionality and aesthetics of your garage. The nature of the items you intend to store in your garage cabinet also plays a significant role in dictating its structure and security system.

  • What notable large items do you have? If you intend to store large items, your garage cabinets should be sized to accommodate them.
  • Do you have lots of sports gear? In this case, you may consider slat walls with a variety of shelves, hooks, and baskets.
  • Do you have many decorations? Since they are not everyday items, these can go in overhead storage. 
  • Do you have things in storage bins that you want to leave in bins? Then your cabinets can be designed to fit those specific bins.
  • Do you still want cars in the garage? How many? Then your space and cabinet system should be designed to allow the space to park your vehicles.
Garage with custom storage solutions and flooring.

Customer Testimonials

1,000+ Google Reviews with a 5-star rating can’t be wrong. Hear what some of our happy customers are saying about our cabinets. 

“We love the quality of our Webfoot floors and cabinets in our garage. Working with Brook to deign the right layout for our cabinets was easy. She was professional and listened to the wants and needs of our family. The cabinet installation went smoothly and the quality is even better than we expected!” 

-Nicole W.

“Webfoot revamped our entire garage, coating the floor, building and installing cabinets and slat wall. Their designer (Brook) worked with us over several revisions to make sure we were getting what we wanted and had great input in the process. Both the floor and cabinet crews were friendly and professional, checking in often to make sure all was to our satisfaction. They showed up on time & even worked through single-digit temperatures. There was one cabinet that didn’t quite work as-is, so they remade it and made it work. We’re quite happy with the results”  

-Dave B.

“My garage looks Amazing! Started with Webfoot putting down the concrete epoxy flooring in the garage. Then decided to have them build and install new cabinets in the garage as well as a paint the garage. The results are fantastic. Everyone at Webfoot has been great to work with. They showed up on time, on budget with no surprises. If you want it done right then look no further!”

-Brian F.

Maximizing Storage 

Even if your garage is small, investing in a custom storage solution will help you maximize the available space and keep things tidy while allowing you the flexibility to play with the designs you prefer that fit your specific needs. Choosing a custom storage solution is a great way to properly store your gear and make room for everything you want to do in your garage. A garage cabinet system will help you stay organized and make it easier to categorize your items and store them according to your preferences. 

Inspiration for Creating a Personalized Garage Design

Take some inspiration from a few of our most recent custom projects. 

Garage with custom workbench, golf storage, and slat wall.
Garage with slat wall, bike storage, and custom bench storage.
Garage with custom tool bench, cabinets, and slat wall.

Choose Webfoot for your Custom Garage

Thanks to new design capabilities, equipment, and professional design companies like Webfoot, it is now possible to custom-design garage cabinets that meet the needs of many customers. You can have cabinets of any size, design, and layout that perfectly fit your garage space and specific needs. Let’s design your dream garage, contact us today. 

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