Functional Garage Ideas for More Usable Space

September 22, 2022
functional garage ideas

It's not uncommon for homeowners to squeeze their cars into the garage, look at the gigantic mess inside, and walk out feeling guilty. So, if the state of your garage has ever caused you some discomfort, we get it, and you are not alone.

However, if you want to enjoy the peace, beauty, and organization of a functional garage that you can use not only to park your cars but also for various activities and hobbies, we have some insightful ideas for you.

How to Create a Multi-Use Garage

The first step in turning a messy, unused garage into a functional multipurpose space is deciding what you want to use it for. Depending on your needs and interests, your garage can become a;

  • Workspace
  • hobby room (man cave)
  • home gym, 
  • place to store garden tools
  • a place for a fun hangout, and so much more! 
home gym conversion
This garage functions as a home gym with space left for cars.

Once you know what you’re going for, the next step will be to clear the clutter. Choosing custom storage solutions is a great way to properly store your items and make room for everything you want to do in your garage. 

A Custom Storage Solution To Free Up Space

Even if your garage is small, investing in a custom storage solution will help you maximize the available space and keep things tidy while allowing you the flexibility to play with the designs you prefer that fit your specific needs.

There are many different, effective and beautiful custom storage options for you to try, including;


garage cabinet storage

Whether you need a locker for tools, sports equipment or seasonal items, a garage cabinet system will help you stay organized and make it easier to categorize your items and store them according to your preferences. 

Wall Shelving/Slat Walls

slat wall storage

If you want to make some items more easily accessible without having to dig through drawers, wall shelving is a lifesaver. Slat walls— which tend to last longer than other shelving systems— are a perfect example of wall storage that help you keep the floor clear. Consider adding tool racks to your Slatwall system to create more storage options.

Overhead Storage

overhead storage

Yes, overhead storage is safe as long as it's installed properly and your ceiling is strong enough to support the weight. If you have items you do not often use, such as luggage or seasonal decorations, store them in your overhead storage space. This storage system will provide more space for other items and keep your room looking neat and attractive. 


Choose which ones you need— shoe racks for storing shoes, small item shelves for random small stuff, or bin-sized shelves.



An excellent choice for your garage design if you’re someone who enjoys DIYs. You can add as much work surface to your garage system as you need for your projects. 

Vertical Garage Storage

vertical garage storage

Not only is this an effective way to store larger items like your sporting equipment off the floor, but it also creates an aesthetically pleasing look. Gravity grabbers are great for holding your skis and snowboards, and steady racks are perfect for keeping your bikes off the ground. 

Add An Easy-To-Clean And Durable Floor Coating

Transforming your garage from small and unsightly to spacious and attractive is incomplete if you neglect the look and feel of your flooring. If your current flooring is dirty and damaged concrete, you may need a new floor coating to breathe new life into your garage and fully showcase the beauty of your new custom storage system.

concrete coating
This garage pulls together a high-performance coating and heavy-duty garage cabinets to have a finished space.

And if you plan to spend more time in your garage, whether alone or with loved ones, a beautiful yet easy-to-clean floor coating that makes it easier to maintain is an investment you'll be glad you made over time. 

In this case, Webfoot's multi-layer pure polyurea coatings are ideal for your floor because they are 100% safe and resist cracking, peeling and fading. Plus, they will not stain no matter what you (or the kids) spill on them— all you need to do to keep them looking like new is remove any dirt with soap and water. They are perfect for making your garage a full-fledged extension of your home.

Decide What You Want From Your Space

How do you want to enjoy your space? The possibilities are endless, and the good news is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can always design your space the way you want it. 

If you are looking for inspiration, we have got some fascinating ideas for you. Check out different ideas for remodeling your garage.

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