What’s the Best Kind of Coating for a Garage Floor in Central Oregon?

As you may have heard, we’re so excited to be rolling out our Seriously Great concrete floor coatings here in Bend, Oregon. There is just no better way to add style, protection, and some fun wow factor to this easy-to-overlook surface.

With that in mind, one of the big questions we often hear is: “What’s the best garage floor coating to use?”

After all, there are options, and with homeowners like you taking to the internet to find your answers, you might just find more information and technical jargon than you bargained for.

Let’s break it down for you.

First, Forget Epoxy Coatings

Short and sweet, right?

We already went over this topic in detail in our last article, so we’d recommend you check it out right here for a full overview of why we don’t recommend epoxy floor coatings for your garage. We might ruffle a few feathers, but we always want to be straight with our clients and lay out exactly where we’re coming from.

Polyurea Concrete Coatings: This Is the Alternative We Believe In

When we were researching and learning about the best options for concrete coatings, we put our “homeowner hats” on. What would WE want and need in a coating for the places where we park, store our stuff, work on projects, play with our kids, etc.?

Here’s what we value, and what we are pretty confident you’ll value too:

  • Durability - Polyurea isn’t brittle like epoxy, meaning that it is more durable throughout its lifetime. Even with the expansion and contraction of the concrete underneath (thanks to our diverse Oregon weather), you don’t need to worry about your coating. In fact, polyurea is 10x more flexible than epoxy!
  • Better Bond - Our summers get HOT. Because of this, epoxy can actually stick to your car’s tires, causing hot-tire pickup. Major bummer... Polyurea chemically bonds with the concrete, meaning that it essentially becomes one with the surface. Hot tires are a non-issue. In fact, the concrete would have to LITERALLY pull up with polyurea coating for it to ever be a risk!
  • 1-DAY Installation - We don’t know about you, but our lives are too busy to have our garage be out of commission (and empty!) for 5 days, waiting for epoxy to cure. That’s a long time... Polyurea bonds quickly, allowing you to be back in your garage the next day in most cases.
  • Temperature-Tolerant - Epoxy is a little finicky, needing just the right conditions, temperature, and time to totally cure. Polyurea just jumps right in and bonds, thanks to the chemical reaction that takes place. Science beats weather, every time.

So, What’s the Best Coating for Your Concrete? We Say Polyurea!

Now you can see why we’re Team Polyurea all the way. Die-hard fans.

Have more questions? Contact our Seriously Awesome office team, and we can chat about your surfaces, offer a free estimate, and more. We’re here to help.