Have You Ever Considered Kitchen Cabinet Toning?

Are your kitchen cabinets starting to show their age? Maybe you have that classic golden pecan finish that was super cool a couple (few?) decades ago, but now is a little less than exciting. Especially when you compare it with the incredible colors and finishes available on the market today.

We paint a LOT of cabinets, for those exact reasons. Painting creates a drastic transformation in a relatively short amount of time, and puts you in the driver’s seat as you develop a totally custom look.

But, what if you don’t like the idea of paint? Maybe you love the rich, natural look that only stain offers, allowing the unique character of the wood to shine through.

We’ve got a Seriously Great solution.

A Closer Look At Kitchen Cabinet Toning

Rather than stripping, sanding, and restaining, toning involves floating a layer of stain and pigments evenly over a previously-lacquered surface. Once these new pigments are applied, they’re sealed in with more coats of lacquer or urethane.

Lest this sound “too easy,” a high level of craftsmanship is required.

Lap marks, application blemishes, uneven finishes, and inconsistent tones across multiple surfaces all are potential risks. Your best option is to leave the process to a painting and refinishing professional, and not dive into a project on your own.

Is Cabinet Toning Right for You?

If your cabinets are in generally good condition, you should be good to go. If your cabinets have seen their fair share of damage, dings, and cracks, the process can be a little tougher (especially since the goal is to create a beautiful, smooth finish). Using a higher-build, solid color stain may be the answer, but we can find the best solution in person.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact our friendly Webfoot office team today to get the process rolling. We’d love to discuss your options, the process, and help set you on the road to a total kitchen transformation.