How Much Does It Cost To Paint the Interior of a House in Bend, OR?

As important as it is to research your painter’s credentials, reputation, and experience, we know that for many homeowners it all comes down to price. We get it! Budgeting is a big deal.

It’s also a big deal that you understand how your painter arrived at the quote they share with you. We can’t overemphasize just how important it is that you get a clear, detailed estimate that breaks down the cost of your project.

Got a napkin quote? Run! Got a fuzzy quote that the painter doesn’t really want to clarify? Run.

Here are a couple of additional resources you may want to save:

Today, let’s dive into the cost of an interior paint job. As fair warning, however, this is a bit like asking, “How much does a car cost?” Well, you could buy a $2,000,000 Ferrari, or you could buy a $200 beauty off the side of the road with beaded seat covers and a questionable past. Both are cars, but each vastly different from the other.

For our purposes, we’ll share general figures and what goes into those prices. For further questions or to get an accurate estimate for YOUR Central Oregon home, call our Seriously Great team!

What Impacts the Cost of Interior Painting?

Here’s a look at what shapes your price point:

  • Just walls? Roughly $4-6,000 total.
  • Walls and ceilings, with just one color? $5-7,000.
  • Walls and ceilings, with separate colors? $6-10,000.
  • Add trim and doors? This will double your project size. Why, you may ask? Well, trim might not look like a lot of space to cover, compared to a wall, but it takes a lot more time to paint than it does to roll a wall. It’s more intricate, and still requires the same prep and care (even more, in many cases!).
  • If you’d like to paint all the walls and ceilings a separate color, and include trim and doors, the total will be roughly $12-20,000.

Here’s another crucial factor to consider that impacts price: the size and quality of the company. A painter that is licensed, insured, and hires their own employees (rather than sub-contractors) is going to naturally be more expensive. There’s overhead to pay, salaries, benefits, vehicles, insurance coverage, maintenance, and more.

But, with that higher price point comes more consistency, accountability, quality, and warranties. Plus that all-important peace of mind.

Have Any Other Questions About Your Central Oregon Interior Painting Project?

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