The Lowery Family’s Outdoor Oasis

Coating Your Outdoor Space

When the weather is right, there are few things better than outdoor gatherings and spending time in the fresh air. Of course, a lot of work goes into keeping your outdoor spaces in good shape. Environmental conditions like sun, snow, and extreme temperatures can take a toll year-round, and frequent use of these areas will also contribute to wear and tear. Investing in concrete coatings on the floors of your entryway, porch, pool deck, or patio can help minimize the damage done to your outdoor features so you can enjoy them to the fullest extent. 

Bare concrete floors are durable but porous, meaning dirt, dust, moisture, bacteria, fungi, pests, and other small contaminants can make their way inside and cause problems. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV radiation can also damage your floors and cause them to fade. Even if your patio or porch floors are protected by an awning or enclosure, these environmental forces will wear them down over time. By applying concrete coatings to your floors, you seal off those pores, gaps, and cracks to minimize outdoor threats while also providing a UV-resistant layer of protection.

Additionally, concrete floor coatings can seriously enhance the overall appearance of your concrete floors. They can be used to modify the appearance of your concrete flooring, as well as ensure that it meets all of your specific aesthetic preferences. ​​Our concrete patio floor colorings can help any homeowner create a stunning outdoor area, add curb appeal, and invest in the value of your home. 

The Lowery Family: Project Highlight

Multi-color coatings:

  • Patio: Chestnut
  • Pool deck: Driftwood
  • Walkway: Driftwood

The Lowery's wanted an outdoor oasis for their retirement home. Together, we thoughtfully mapped out the finer details of their dream space. They wanted a place where they could relax and enjoy the outdoors, but they also wanted it to be functional and easy to maintain. They worked with us to create a design that met all of their needs. The final product is a beautiful and inviting space that the Lowery's love spending time in.

Here are some of the finer details that the Lowery's took into consideration:

Privacy: With structures, fencing, and landscaping, they have a private spot where they can relax without being disturbed.

Outdoor space with shade and seating.

The size and shape: They wanted it to be large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, such as sitting, sunbathing, and gardening.

Layout of outdoor area with pool, seating, and garden.

Plants and trees: They wanted plants that were low-maintenance in the high-desert climate but still provided ambiance.

Example of garden spaces and plants used in design.

Furniture and accessories: The Lowery's wanted furniture that was comfortable and would withstand the elements (just like their floors).

Example of outdoor couch used in outdoor space.

The overall design of the outdoor oasis. They wanted to design and map out a space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Overhead view of outdoor space.

Dog area: They wanted a designated space for their dog kennels outside that would be durable and easy to clean.

Concrete coated dog area.

Choose Webfoot for your Custom Patio

A concrete coating will help protect your concrete from future chipping, cracking, and staining to keep your concrete strong and the surface looking fresh. Our concrete patio floor colorings can help any homeowner create a stunning outdoor area, add curb appeal, and invest in the value of your home. Resurfacing your patio, pool deck, entry way, and more is not only a quick and cost-efficient way to add style to any outdoor space, but also to protect it from the elements. Let’s design your dream space. Contact us to schedule your free quote.