DIY Storage vs. Webfoot Garage Cabinets

October 11, 2023
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At times, DIY garage storage solutions might seem straightforward and tempting, leading many individuals to try their hand at creating their storage systems. However, it's important to realize that DIY garage cabinet systems may not always be the most suitable choice.

We're comparing DIY storage with custom garage cabinets from Webfoot and guide you towards the optimal solution for your home.

3 Common Problems With DIY Storage Solutions

1. Aesthetic Limitations:

DIY garage storage solutions often lack the polished and attractive appearance of professionally constructed systems. Achieving an elegant design comparable to professionally made storage solutions is challenging without ample time, resources, materials, and expertise. Consequently, DIY garage storage options may end up looking unattractive.

For instance:

  • Bare Wood Open Shelves: These often appear rough and lack a pleasing texture, making them less appealing than professionally crafted shelves.
  • Cheap Metal Garage Cabinets: Opting for inexpensive metal cabinets can result in quick rusting and regular damage, failing to efficiently hold heavy garage items.
  • Storage Bins: Although affordable, they aren't suitable for large or heavy garage materials and are less aesthetically pleasing compared to alternatives like metal drawers or industrial shelving baskets.
  • Repurposed Cabinets: Converting existing cabinets into garage storage might not withstand heavy loads or harsh garage conditions, and they often don't match the garage aesthetic, requiring additional refinishing efforts.
  • Common Challenges with DIY Storage Solutions:
  • Plastic Garage Shelves: Despite being inexpensive and easy to assemble, they lack durability and load-bearing capacity, making them unsuitable for heavy items. Additionally, they are prone to heat damage and not ideal for storing items safely in hot weather. Despite being inexpensive and easy to assemble, they lack durability and load-bearing capacity, making them unsuitable for heavy items. Additionally, they are prone to heat damage and not ideal for storing items safely in hot weather.

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2. Durability Issues:

Choosing low-quality materials for DIY garage storage to save costs can be counterproductive in the long run. Investing in durable garage solutions from the outset ensures longevity and minimizes the need for replacements or repairs.

3. Failure to Meet Storage Needs:

Opting for convenient DIY solutions that do not adequately cater to your storage requirements can be a common pitfall. Quick fixes may not effectively store your tools or belongings, potentially causing disorganization and safety hazards.

While DIY garage storage may seem appealing, it often falls short in terms of aesthetics, durability, and practicality. Investing in professionally built garage cabinets ensures a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing storage solution that meets your specific needs.

Messy and cluttered storage in a garage.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Cabinet System Designed by Webfoot

There are undeniably several benefits to installing a custom garage cabinet system from Webfoot in your home, some of which include;

Benefit 1: Blemish-free powder-coated and customizable cabinets.

Unlike bare wood shelves and other imitations, Webfoot's garage cabinets are powder-coated, which makes them more durable, attractive, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. They are built to the highest standards and for your specific needs, so you can enjoy nothing less than excellence in your home.

blemish free cabinets

Benefit 2: Moisture-resistant and temperature-resistant MDF.

We understand MDF's superiority over wood and metal in the construction of garage cabinet systems, which is why it is our preferred choice of material. Its temperature and moisture resistance, high durability, low maintenance requirements, and high adaptability make it a great option for your garage. And because it also has excellent color retention, your garage cabinets will stay vibrant and beautiful for a long time. 

Interestingly, despite its exceptional qualities, MDF is cheaper than solid wood!

mdf cabinets

Benefit 3: Built–to–order and customizable through a professional design consultation.

Webfoot understands that every customer has their own garage storage needs, so we will listen to you during a professional consultation, understand your specific needs and offer you better solutions than a one-size-fits-all. 

Whatever you choose to prioritize in your space— organization space, craft space, or a balance of both— we have you covered and will help you design the garage cabinets of your dreams!

If you’re unsure what kinds of cabinets you want, check out some of our ingenious garage cabinet system ideas for inspiration.

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Don’t Make A Common Cabinet Mistake

The benefits of garage storage systems are numerous. They help keep your things safe, make them easier to find, protect your children and pets from harmful stored items, and keep your garage neat and clean overall.

While installing a custom garage cabinet is better for quality and aesthetics than DIY storage, many people still make avoidable mistakes when buying their garage cabinets. Find out five common cabinet purchasing mistakes, and how you can avoid making the same. 

Organized custom garage storage from Webfoot.

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