5 Mistakes Made When Purchasing Cabinets [Videos; Testimonials; Infographic & PDF Download]

Garage cabinets are great for creating space for storing items, tidying the environment, and ensuring items' safety. Choosing the right type of cabinets for your garage can solve many problems for years. However, we have repeatedly seen that customers make avoidable mistakes when setting up their storage systems.

How do you know what to avoid when buying your garage cabinets? In this post, we share 5 of the most common mistakes homeowners make when purchasing garage cabinets, so you can avoid making the same mistakes and feel confident about your garage cabinet purchase. 

mistakes infographic

Mistake 1: Settling for Solutions that are Too Modular  

Modular storage solutions have their own advantages. They save time and can be just as aesthetically pleasing as custom-designed solutions. However, a one-size-fits-all solution might not work in some garages where windows, doors, air conditioners, and water heaters are part of the overall layout. You do not want to order a modular storage solution only to find out on delivery that it does not fit the layout of your garage. Otherwise, there would be delays and frustration because you would have to re-order and change the cabinets you have already paid for.

When you choose custom solutions, every part of your garage is considered, and you have more options, such as changing cabinet widths and heights to fit your unique storage space.

Design custom cabinets to fit your space and your needs.

For example, if you only have room for two cabinets measuring 48" W x 24" D x 92" H, you can still make a custom-designed solution with three cabinets measuring 38" W x 24" D x 92" H that still leaves you with an extra 23 sq. ft. of storage space. Who would not be happy with extra space?

Mistake 2: Wrong Product in the Wrong Place

failing garage cabinets

Most garages experience fluctuating temperatures, sometimes to an extreme degree. They are also prone to humidity and moisture, so garage cabinets are usually exposed to heavy, wet, and harsh conditions that can affect your storage system over time. Due to the humidity usually present in garages, systems such as melamine cabinets are not necessarily the best choice for such environments, as they will thrive better in a dry environment such as your interior spaces.

It is also not uncommon for homeowners to want to DIY their garage storage systems, perhaps to save money or to pursue their hobbies. However, it would be a big mistake for them to opt for cheap, thin pressboard material for their cabinets or reuse old kitchen cabinets. This is because cheap materials are usually of inferior quality and do not last long. Secondly, many wooden kitchen cabinets are not sturdy enough to store the heavier things generally stored in garages. Also, some older kitchen cabinets have fixed shelf heights that may be difficult to adjust.

When thinking about storage units in your garage, it is advisable to use heavy-duty cabinets, as cheap materials or old kitchen cabinets will only cost you more money, time, effort, and emotional stress over time. 

Mistake 3: Failing to Design the Whole Garage

Another mistake homeowners make is not properly assessing their needs before getting to work. Cabinets and storage systems are designed for specific needs; without an accurate needs assessment, you can spend the same amount of money on a system and not end up with the storage space you need. Do not forget that you also need tools and equipment to make your idea a reality.

It is essential to have a clear and feasible plan for your garage. You need to think about your storage space, doors and openings, and all the other little components that will keep the garage running smoothly. Once you have a complete plan that considers what you are storing, how you want to use the space, and what features you love, you can decide how to proceed.

Determine the purpose of your space and integrate new cabinets into your design.

If you are on a tight budget and can not do everything at once, you can now figure out how to prioritize and break the project into installation phases that suit your needs and budget. Clarity cannot be overstated. When you have a plan, you know what you need, what you want to achieve, and how much time and money it will take to realize your vision. If you are overwhelmed with this, you can also have your garage storage system done by a professional.

Mistake 4: Skipping the Customizations

Cabinets are not the only suitable storage system for your garage. Yes, cabinets are fantastic and are great for storing bins, appliances, equipment, and much more—but looking beyond that to how other systems come into play is a great idea too.

Different storage systems serve different purposes. If you put up cabinets when you should have drawers, you may be taking away more storage space. Below are some other storage system options that you can explore. 

  • Drawers: are great for storing hand tools, keeping sharp equipment out of sight, and making your garage a safe place for your children. Items stored in drawers also stay neat and are less likely to be infested by insects and rodents.
  • Workbench space: is an absolute must if you also use your garage as a workshop. They give you just the right amount of work and storage space while helping to keep your surroundings safe when you are doing potentially hazardous work.
  • Slat walls: They take up virtually no space and are especially useful for storing shovels, shelves, brooms, lawn care items, tools, baskets, holders, hooks, tool holders, etc. Slat walls perform well where cabinets will not fit and give you much more storage space.
  • Gravity grabbers: are an excellent solution for safely storing skis, snowboards, rakes, and shovels while keeping them off the ground where they can easily dent or trip someone.
  • Overhead storage: offers many advantages, such as more floor space, protection of your items from water damage, and much more. Items you do not use daily or as often as others can be stored well in overhead storage.
  • Steadyracks: are great for keeping your bikes off the ground and giving you more space. Options include bike lifts, hanging racks, and overhead racks.
Workspace? Check. Storage? Check.

Mistake 5: Waiting to Get Cabinets

 "I wish I had done this sooner. I didn't realize how much of an impact this would have on not only my garage but my life!" This is a comment we hear from customers all the time. 

We often do not realize how much a messy space can impact our lives. Have you noticed how frustrating it can be when you can not find anything in your garage, especially when you are running late for an important appointment? However, with the right solutions implemented promptly, you can eliminate this chaos completely. 

Statistics also show that 55% of homeowners use the garage as their house’s main entryway.  If you fall in this category, you deserve a garage that you are not ashamed to leave open anytime during the day. 

Your garage can be a place of satisfaction and pride, and our customers always talk about it.  Let Webfoot make your garage a place of joy, not an eyesore.

See What Other Homeowners Are Saying About Webfoot Cabinets

Before, we had everything piled up and totes stacked everywhere. The whole point with the cabinet was to get everything out of sight, and that was accomplished. 

The cabinets are hands-down a higher standard than anything I've ever had. I’ve purchased a lot of cabinets in other homes before, but nothing compares to this. It’s the same thing with the concrete coating–  it’s by far superior to anything I've ever done. —Curt Gates

Our space was a little bit unique, so it was hard to find nice fits. I was online and saw these powder-coated cabinets. The powder cabinets look so good. 

Totally inside out all the sides, tops and bottom, shelves, backs, fronts, it's totally weather-protected with the powder coating. In addition to the aesthetic value, they provide tremendous storage space for us. In an environment like this, it's hard not to come out here and enjoy the environment, work out, and improve your life. The color, the size, what we’re looking for, and what we wanted to store–  just outstanding. Our vision became a reality. —Matt Cole

We designed the cabinet from scratch– they came out before the garage was even done and helped us design them. I had never heard of powder coating on wood. The resilience of the wood and the colors…

With all of the work that they've done here already, I would definitely recommend them anytime.Chris Gibbons

Choosing the perfect custom garage solution for your home does not have to be complicated. At Webfoot, we will help you set up the best storage systems that you'll be proud to show the world and feel relaxed about for years to come.