Webfoot’s Concrete Coating Project Process Explained [VIDEO]

So, You’ve Scheduled a Free Quote…What Happens Next?

You’ve begun your space transformation by scheduling a free quote. After submitting your information through our online form, you received a call from one of our inbound sales reps. 

You’ve set up the perfect time for a Coatings Specialist to visit your home, and are now wondering what to expect from the rest of the process.

At this point, your new floor is only three steps away.

Webfoot’s 3-Step Process

step one meet a coatings specialist

Step One: A Visit From a Coatings Specialist

Your appointment with our Coatings Specialist is for them to provide an exact cost based on an assessment of your home and a discussion about your project goals. 

When our specialist visits your home, they will:

  • Provide an explanation and samples of Webfoot’s high-performance polyurea product, and help you explore your options for color and non-slip additives.  
  • Complete an area condition report to collect relevant information about the existing condition of your floor and space, including size, damage, an existing coating, and details like vertical walls or steps.  
  • Answer your questions about our warranty and give you an exact price for your coating. 

This visit is your opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about Webfoot and our coatings. 

You'll get a visit from a Coatings Specialist, like Anthony, who will answer any questions you have.

Step Two: Kicking Off Your Project

After the estimate, it’s your time to decide if you want to move forward with the project. If you do, Webfoot is committed to keeping you informed and confident throughout the process. 

Your project’s kick-off begins with a confirmation that you’ve decided to coat your floor. At that time, we’ll email you with information about how to prep your space. In order to coat your floor, we’ll need you to remove everything from your garage. 

The week before your installation, our crew leader will give you a call to confirm the details. This includes the time and date of installation and a confirmation of your chosen design system. They’ll also run through the scope of work in its entirety to make sure every detail is addressed. 

installation by a crew

Step Three: The Day of Installation

Your project will be completed by a 2- or 3-man crew in just 1-Day. The crew will follow a 5-step process for resurfacing your garage floor, including grinding, mending, and applying our multi-layered pure polyurea coating. After 24-hours, thanks to our fast-curing polyurea coatings, your floor is fully ready for use!

webfoot concrete coatings crew member
A successful coating relies on quality preparation, including using heavy-duty grinders.

The Crew Leader will wrap up the project by providing you with a packet of information. This packet will explain your warranty details and offer guidance on how to care for your new floor.

We also encourage you to leave a Google Review about your experience with Webfoot.

seriously satisfied webfoot customer
We know you'll love your new floor, too!

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