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February 28, 2023
Kids playing with toys in an organized playroom featuring Webfoot custom slat wall

Blocks. Bikes. Barbies. Babydolls. Toys, toys everywhere! 

Are you experiencing a toy invasion? Are toys taking up space in every room of the house, and often scattered on the floor? If you keep finding yourself in this situation we have the solution: toy storage! More specifically…effective toy storage.

It’s time to tackle this problem head-on. Whether you have a dedicated playroom or keep toys out in a common living area, a toy organization system is a must for your home (and your sanity).  Added bonus: when your toy storage solutions are thoughtful and practical, the pick-up process can be quick and easy for you and your children. Let’s get started. We will be covering: 

  • What to consider when planning your toy storage solutions
  • Finding the right toy organizers
  • Utilizing custom cabinets for toy storage
  • Webfoot’s approach to custom cabinet systems

Making Room for Purpose

Your first step in toy organization for your children is decluttering. Even with the best of intentions, families seem to accumulate too many toys. You may not even know where you have room until you get rid of a few things. Decluttering your toy collection around the holidays and birthdays is one simple fix to keep the overcrowding to a minimum. Weeding outgrown toys can also lessen the load. Involve your kids in this job, make a deal that if they play with it regularly they can keep it, if not then it goes. Once you’ve decluttered and identified their designated play space, it’s time to focus on your kids’ interests. That could involve creating an art corner, a reading nook, or maybe a science station. Even if your space is tiny, if it is designed specifically for them, they will use it. 

Planning Your Storage Space

Child helps mom put away toys in storage bins

Get the Right Storage Solutions

When considering how to set up a creative space for your kids at home, there are many options for what you might want to use ranging from cabinets, to rolling drawers, to cube storage shelves, to clear plastic storage boxes. No matter what you choose, there are some fundamental concepts for a successful toy organization system.

  • Labels: Labeling your toy bins, cabinets, or drawers with a picture of what’s inside (in addition to words) is a great approach for pre-literate kids. By doing this, you arereinforcing object-word association while encouraging independence. 
  • Kid Friendly Access: Keep your toys in a system that is easy for kids to take out and put way. Use toy containers and bins that your kids can easily access and use. Open bins eliminate problems with opening lids and are great for blocks, toy cars, small gadgets and stuffed animals. 
  • Rotate, rotate, rotate: Keep some of your toys truly away. You want to identify a place you can put toys and supplies away that isn’t accessible to your children. If your child has a few similar kinds of playsets, only have one out at a time. Put the rest in a toy bin in a closet or cabinet and every once in a while switch the sets out. Rotating toys like this keep their options fresh, without having too many choices and limiting creative play.

Webfoot’s Custom Cabinets

Easily convert any space into the perfect playroom using Webfoot’s custom storage for your toy organization. Every project is unique, and so are your needs. With our custom designs and built-to-order custom sizes, we can maximize any space. We don't use "standard sizes" or modular short cuts. Your cabinets can even be designed to fit specific bins and accommodate large items like bikes, scooters, and skateboards. Our team is experienced and ready to make your space work for you.

Unique custom cabinets for organization

Our Thoughtful Design Experience

A custom playroom storage solution that meets all your needs is possible with Webfoot. Together with a Webfoot Design Consultant, you can design a cabinet system that can hold any toy, matches the color of your walls, and is a perfect size. The first step in finding such a system is envisioning what you want or need. 

Building 3D Master Plan for Your Cabinets

Visualize your space with 3D renderings of tailored storage solutions featuring custom cabinets, slat walls, and useful add-ons for bicycles or other hard-to-store items. Designing a custom cabinet system is a stylish playroom storage idea that can seamlessly integrate into any space you want to create. 

Match Your Aesthetic

Let’s face it, some storage solutions and cabinets are just downright ugly. If you don’t like the look of your old cabinets, go for a better design that you would love to see every day. This might mean they they feel dated and are showing wear and tear. If the finishes on your last cabinets wore off quickly and peeled over time, cabinets with a more heavy-duty finish will give you more value for your investment. Good looking cabinets can make your playroom a place you’re happy to spend time in.


We offer edge-to-edge powder-coated MDF cabinets that outperform wood or metal alternatives. Our cabinets are scratch-proof, water-resistant, easy to clean, and have excellent color retention. Just the thing you need to combat crayons, spills, nerf guns, and general playroom pandemonium. 

‍The Advantage of Slat Walls

Instead of limiting storage to cabinets, think outside the box! Walls can also be fantastic for maximizing space. Some things don't easily fit on a shelf—that's where slat walls come in handy. Much like a pegboard, a slat wall panel is an attractive and efficient way to organize your items. Thanks to the grid, you can easily customize the storage wall to fit the needs of your playroom. The versatile system can hold and store cleaning supplies, toy bins, baskets, holders, hooks, and pretty much anything in any configuration. 

Slat wall with bins and storage for toys

Flooring Matters

When it comes to your playroom, you want something that will stand up to everyday play but will also fit within your aesthetic preferences. Depending on your needs (and your style), there are a few different options that range from classic to functional.

A concrete coating enhances the overall look and feel of your space while providing protection against stains and spills. It is much easier to clean and maintain than traditional floors and is a great option for pets that shed or kids with allergies. Whether the look you’re going for is traditional, contemporary, or if you lean more towards eccentric design, you can find a concrete coating option to match your taste and style. The end result? A playroom floor strong enough to withstand the roughest kid’s play and yet stylish enough to serves as a aesthetic focal point. 

Child wiping pain spill from concrete coated flooring

Choosing Webfoot for your Playroom Needs

We believe in the functionality and value of our cabinets, but you don’t have to take our word for it, we pride ourselves on our years of experience in the industry and top-rated customer service and communication. Read what our customers are saying about our custom cabinets. 

"The cabinets are hands down a higher standard than anything I’ve ever had. I’ve purchased a lot of cabinets before in other homes, but nothing compares to this…Same thing with the concrete coating, it's far superior over anything I’ve ever had done."-Curt Gates

Experience a one-on-one design process with our professional Design Consultant to understand your usage and storage needs. Contact us to schedule today. 

Playroom storage and table with crayons

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