Disorganization is Hurting Your Mental Health (3 Key Health Benefits of Being Organized)

No one intentionally plans to have a disorganised garage, but as they say, life happens to even the best of us! The smallest form of disorganisation starts with a single item that is put away in the wrong place and gradually becomes a pile and eventually an unmanageable mess. Although it may seem that one can live and let live, getting used to this level of the disorder can be harmful to the mind. There is strong evidence that our environment can affect the state of our mind and our well-being, and since the mind is the seat of reason, it can affect our moods (what we can or cannot do, what we wear) and many other far-reaching decisions we make over time.

Read on and discover the benefits of home organisation

Is Your Disorganized Space Hurting You?

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Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between tidiness and increased productivity. So it's safe to say that clutter comes at a price. The big question, however, is how long are you willing to sacrifice your mental health for clutter? Let us take a look at how clutter harms your mental health.

  • A cluttered space can lead to mental clutter. Think about how cluttered your mind becomes when too many things occupy your attention at the same time. The problem with mental clutter is that it can interfere with your productive time, which in some cases can make you feel frustrated with yourself.

  • A cluttered mind can also cause you to make poor decisions, which in turn can lead to low self-esteem or social anxiety. For example, a hungry person whose kitchen is messy is most likely to choose a less healthy meal which can even lead to poor physical health, etc. It also has a way of reducing life span and influencing the thought process.

Now that you know how your mental health is affected by clutter, what should you do? The first step to protecting your mental health is to find ways to create order. Here are a few pointers:

  • Remove everything
  • Clean the room, for example by wiping down and sweeping the shelves
  • Sort your possessions into four categories: Things to throw away, Things to donate, Things to sell and Things to keep.

If you are not sure about something? Put it in a box. Label the box with a date and look in it again in six months. If you have not used something in six months, you probably will not need it again.

3 Key Health Benefits of Being Organized

There are numerous health benefits to keeping things tidy, but we will just mention a few here that can be the right motivation to make the necessary changes to your storage space.

1 - Stress Relief


Nothing means relief more than a well-tidy living space, especially after a long period of turmoil. Once that steam is over, we can say goodbye to the associated anxiety of searching for lost items in a big pile and welcome the serenity that now comes our way.

2- Productivity

Disorganisation is one of the biggest enemies of productivity, as it traps the mind and hinders not only creativity but also precious time. Now that it has been brought under control, the mind gets the much-needed boost it needs to perform at its best—generating the best ideas, making the best decisions and achieving every aspirational goal that has been put on hold.

3 - More "free time”

More free time means more creative time - more time for fun and relaxing activities, because work alone does not make you happy, they say.

free time

This could also be time to pursue an old hobby or start a new one, just anything you'd like to do, without guilt or restrictions. How satisfying is that? Although the promise of these benefits seems irresistible, there is only one effective way to guarantee them, and that is what we will look at below.

Tackle the Most Disorganized Space in Your Home: The Garage 

For most households, the garage is the centre of clutter with all sorts of items ranging from useful to useless. What people do not consider, however, is that a messy garage never really starts out that way; sometimes simply putting an item somewhere in the storage room is enough. 

How can the most dreaded clutter spot in your home be transformed?

Garages are a common centre of clutter because they are the "catch-all" for everything that can not find a place in the home. This is not necessarily a problem if you do it right. How you may ask? If the right storage system is in place, it can really be a "catch-all" to combat your storage problems. It is helpful to have a well-thought-out garage storage plan that includes listing the different categories of items - more of a collection of like items - and determining the best structures for the garage and the items to be stored.

Get Inspired to Level Up Your Garage

With the right ideas, we can make your garage look as good as new. Here are some brilliant garage storage ideas to get you started. These ideas will help you realise the potential of your garage and transform it into what you want it to be. Garages can be so much more if we just let them. With the right design, they can serve as a workshop, a gym, a playroom for the kids and so much more. To do this, you first need to decide what purpose this space will serve, but for that, you need an experienced team - which is where Webfoot's expertise comes in. Whether you prefer custom designs or want to look for options that will blend into your space, we will work with you to ensure you get the most functional and exquisite storage options for your room. Our versatile collection includes custom-fit alternatives for:

  • Shelving
  • Vertical garage storage
  • Workbenches
  • Overhead shelves
  • Wall hanging systems with the best finishes and most creative designs you will ever find.

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