A Collection of Car Poems

a black car

A Car Is Just A Car

By: Lovina Sylvia Chidi

A car is a car

If it can ride you nearby or far

A car is a car

When it gets you in time to the bar

A car is a car

When you are addressed as Madam or Sir

But for some

A car is not just a car […]

Buying A Car

By: Diane Hine

I wanted a car when I wearied of walking.

With savings in hand, I left home to peruse.

The dealer was helpful, bright-eyed and fast-talking.

He offered two models from which I could choose.

The first looked immaculate, surfaces gleaming,

compared to the other, defaced by a scratch.

"The price is the same", said the car dealer, beaming.

I deemed him unscheming, so asked "What's the catch"? [...]

Princess Needs A New Car

By: Mary Nagy

Princess just wants a new car.

I have told her that hers will go far.

''Oh, it's really not cool

driving this crap to school.''

''Do I need that emotional scar? ''

''The kids will all laugh at the rust.

When we race, I'll be left in the dust!

I will save up some cash

then we'll make a mad dash

to the car dealer surely you trust'' [...]

Tinkle Tinkle Little Car

By: Avisek Rath

How I wonder what you are.

Leaking oil every day

being unruly going your way.

Going uphills real slow

don't pester me anymore.

Am toiling as if your slave

don't forget I am so brave.

Better leave me you dude

don't fry any more my mood.

New Car

By: Melanie Harris

I go and get my new car today, boy I'm so excited

I chose it yesterday, I can't wait to be reunited

It's shiny and black with alloy wheels and a spoiler on the back.

I go and get my new car today, boy I just can't wait

I said I'd be back at four today, I don't want to be late

It's got leather trim on the inside and clips for a roof rack [...]

The New Car Deal

By: Herbert Nehrlich

'But do not come to Daddy,

crying, come Monday morning

expecting to pay what I offer you

right here and now, so come,

do sign the papers if you know

what's good for you and me.'

'I want to shop around to see

what deal can be arranged

to suit me best, I must look out

for number one, surely you know,

a customer does have the right?' [...]

Used Car Sales People

By: Francis Duggan

With the gift of the gab they would talk their way out of hell

These used car sales people they know how to sell

On their selling ability their jobs are at stake

The more cars they do sell the more commission they do make

On any deals they clinch they have never lost

And your trust on such people can come at a cost

The more cars they sell the more money they get paid

A hard job to succeed in the used car trade [...]

The Car

By: John Thorne

My family were car less when I was at school

But the car's now regarded an essential tool

We used public transport if journeys were long

But walking kept most of us healthy and strong

Travel and touring at that time were rare

But frankly most people just didn't care

By train to the sea and to work by the bus

Was more than enough to satisfy us [...]

A Car Too Small

By: Elton Camp

These high gas prices nearly all resent

From reasonable to scandalous it went

It’s a situation that I truly abhor

I can’t drive a Town Car anymore

To take a vacation in our SUV

Is a luxury we’ll never more see

For a Prius I was about to pay

But then I saw another way [...]

Electricity Car

By: David Fisher

I bought a used electric car, and not coz I’ve gone green

For there were better reasons for obtaining that machine.

I figured weekday mornings I could save some precious time

Transforming my used car into the voltage making line.

The first thing that I added was a GFI outlet

That was capably installed by my second cousin Brett.

I then hooked up my toothbrush and put in what I loved most

A shiny, stainless, four slice, brand new toaster for my toast [...]