How to Transition Your Garage Storage from Winter To Spring: Lawn Equipment Edition

March 22, 2023
Organized garage cabinets for seasonal storage and increased floor space.

We might be right in the middle of an epic snow storm right now, but very soon the snow will melt and it will be time to store all that winter gear. You also might be struggling to figure out where to store all of that gear right now as you’re using it!

Between big gloves, boots, snow blowers, shovels, and winter drop spots for wet gear, it might be hard to find room to store everything for the season and prep your garage for spring. It’s time to pack away the winter gear, and set up your storage for spring equipment to be easily accessible. This post will cover how to get your garage in order, transitioning between winter and spring storage, and our recommendations for the most functional winter gear storage

Organized garage with functional storage.

Declutter and Remove Unwanted Gear

When the season comes to an end and you get into the warmer months of the year, you need to go through all of your items before you store them. There’s a chance some of your items have worn out and need to be replaced. Tacking the problem now will help you know what to replace for the next winter before it starts.

There’s also a big chance that your kids’ items will no longer fit next year. If you know that your kids are growing and they won’t fit into their winter gear next year, donate them or pass them along to a family member if they are in good condition. There’s no sense in keeping something stored throughout the off-season when it won’t be usable once winter rolls around again.

Find a Place for Everything

When you’re storing your winter gear through the spring, you want everything in a place that you can access when it’s time to take them out again but won’t be in the way of your other storage. The garage is your best friend here!

  • Snow blower storage: In the spring, nothing beats keeping your snowblower covered and on a mat in the garage. A concrete coated garage floor can make a big difference here. Because it is so durable, it lasts longer than traditional coatings, is scratch-resistant, and great for protecting against spills. Even with potential fluid leaks, you can store your snow blower safely. 
  • Shovel storage: To protect your snow shovels from the elements and rot, it's best to store them in vertical racks or a slat wall off the ground. Try slat walls with ski holding accessories.
  • Winter boot storage: Whenever you can, opt for elevation rather than placing winter boots on the floor. Install a footwear platform to keep wet boots and shoes off the floor, add more hooks or bins if you find that winter items tend to end up on the ground. This storage option helps the space look tidy and makes periodic sweeping and mopping much easier.
  • Winter clothing storage: Winter clothing such as earmuffs, coats, jackets, and mittens tend to be bulky, it’s time to store them in boxes, hanging bags, suitcases, hangers, or other appropriate storage options to declutter and free up space. Webfoot Garage Cabinets can be sized to fit the storage bins you use every year, or a wardrobe section sized to fit your needs.
Custom slat wall for winter gear storage.

Label! Label! Label!

We highly recommend labeling the outside of your tote, bins, and baskets to help you determine better what items are stored in what bin. You can label it according to person, size, or type of clothing. It’s up to you! Labels are your best friend when it comes to organizing and finding ways to improve garage storage. Sticking labels on bins to tell you what’s in each one will make finding the things you need when you need them so much easier. 

Setting Up Your Spring Garage Storage

The garage is one of the last place people think about when it comes to spring cleaning but it is incredibly impactful when it is tidy and clean. Your garage is usually the last place you see when you leave and the first thing you see when you come home. Time to head into spring with a perfectly organized and tidy garage that will function the way you want it. 

  • Lawnmower Storage: Your best bet for your lawnmower is to keep it in the garage on a clean, dry floor. When storing a lawnmower, you want to pick somewhere that does not experience large changes in temperature, as that can cause condensation to occur. Most importantly, the space needs to be dry, as any moisture will cause rust and completely damage your lawnmower. 
  • Lawn equipment & Garden Tools: Depending on your preference and the garden tools you want to store, you can customize a slat wall for this purpose, or store smaller gear in a built-in workbench section. Webfoot can help you design either custom solution.
  • Custom garage cabinets for everything: Garage cabinets put clutter out of sight and out of mind. Custom cabinets give you efficient garage storage that meets your exact needs. As a result, you can make the most out of your garage’s square footage. 
  • Seasonal Decor: As the weather changes, so should your indoor and outdoor decor. Take down seasonal winter decorations and store them in appropriate storage units. Using overhead storage is perfect for seasonal decor that you won't have to access all season long.
Garage with custom cabinets and slat wall for organization.

Choose Webfoot for Everything Storage

We believe in the functionality and value of our storage solutions, but you don’t have to take our word for it, we pride ourselves on our years of experience in the industry and top-rated customer service and communication. Experience a one-on-one design process with our professional Design Consultant to understand your usage and storage needs. Contact us to schedule today. 

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