5 Serious Benefits of a Garage Cabinet System [VIDEO, INFOGRPAHIC & PDF DOWNLOAD]

October 10, 2022
clean garage cabinet system

Have you ever wondered what difference a custom storage system could make for your garage? The lack of an effective storage system could result in a lot of stress for homeowners– from an annoying mess in most cases to misplaced items and, of course, a potential safety hazard, especially for the little family members.

Read on to see checklists that will help determine if you need a garage cabinet system.

Does my garage really need a cabinet system?

Do you feel trepidation while looking for an item because your garage has become a storage closet? Or is your entire garage flooded with infrequently used items of different sizes, so much that you do not know where your tools are when you need them? If any of these apply to your garage, you should invest in a quality garage cabinet system! Imagine if you had all the clutter in your home and storage in order—the tools adequately arranged, the boxes sorted and stored, the items you do not need taken out, etc.—would that not be a great relief? Aside from the beautification it will give your garage, you'll also be happy to have a clean, organized space for those DIY projects you have always wanted to do.

5 Serious Benefits of a Garage Cabinet System

A functional garage cabinet system creates additional storage space by making the most available. Think of this as maximizing your space's potential. The added benefit is that items are kept safe.

Benefit 1: Eliminates Visual Clutter.

In a cluttered space, there is a certain level of disorientation. The effects on the psyche, in general, can lead to increased anxiety and, thus, mental stress.


slat wall

The right garage cabinet system is much more cost-effective by ensuring that each item is sorted, arranged, and stored in an orderly manner. 

Benefit 2: Creates a Safer Home Space.

With younger family members, the dynamics of family storage systems change. There are no limits to what items can be considered toys for children. An untidy mess in the home is too risky. In this case, cabinets are a great way to ensure the items are safe.

custom garage cabinet system

Benefit 3: Protects Your Valuables.

Many of us hold special items for sentimental reasons or functional value. Keeping them in a specific place can help prevent damage. 

safe garage cabinets

A garage storage system, such as a cabinet, will prevent unwanted access, loss, or destruction of your prized possessions. 

Benefit 4: Improves Aesthetics.

garage wall storage

A garage that looks great is a "moment of pride" for any homeowner. According to a report by Thompson Company, 52% of homeowners want a garage that would be the envy of their neighbours—who would not? While it may require some thought and resources, it is worth it, not only for the admiration from others but also for the order it brings to an otherwise cluttered space.

Benefit 5: Expands Your Living Space.

To make your dream living space a reality, you must figure out how to make the most of the space your garage offers. Your garage can hold so much more if you just let it. If your garage is a hopeless mess and your living space cluttered with items you do not necessarily need, garage cabinets can help you create the extra space you want. You can choose any of Webfoot's custom garage cabinets to suit your taste and needs. 

functional garage space

Visual Wrap-Up

5 serious benefits of a garage cabinet system infographic

See What Other Homeowners Are Saying

Our space was a little bit unique so it was hard to find nice fits. I was online and saw these powder-coated cabinets. The powder cabinets look so good. 

"Totally inside out all the sides, tops and bottom, shelves, backs, fronts–  it's totally weather-protected with the powder coating. In addition to the aesthetic value, they provide tremendous storage space for us. In an environment like this, it's hard not to come out here and enjoy the environment, work out, and improve your life. The color, the size, what we’re looking for, and what we wanted to store–  just outstanding. Our vision became reality." - Matt Cole

"We designed the cabinet from scratch– they came out before the garage was even done and helped us design them. I had never heard of powder coating on wood. The resilience of the wood and the colors… With all of the work that they've done here already, I would definitely recommend them anytime." - Chris Gibbons

"Before, we had everything piled up and totes stacked everywhere. The whole point with the cabinet was to get everything out of sight and that was accomplished. The cabinets are hands-down a higher standard than anything I've ever had. I’ve purchased a lot of cabinets in other homes before but nothing compares to this. It’s the same thing with the concrete coating–  it’s by far superior to anything I've ever done." - Curt Gates

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