4 Creative Ways To Use Your Concrete Coated Space

Traditionally, the coolness factor in a garage has been determined by the toys inside it, right? Whether you love cars, motorcycles, tools, or whatever, the garage itself is forgettable but the stuff it holds is important.

Makes sense! But, what if the space itself could be seriously awesome too?

More and more Oregon homeowners are dusting off their notion of what garages are for, reclaiming and repurposing this often-overlooked square footage. And, our floor coatings are helping! After all, when your floor is looking awesome, easy to keep clean, and ultra-durable, it elevates the whole space (like this mudroom, for example!).

So, how could YOU use your garage or other concrete coated room? Join us for a conversation with Scott, General Concrete Manager and general concrete guru, as we explore some Seriously awesome ideas and examples.

4 Awesome Ways To Use Your Concrete Coated Space

#1: Man Cave

We’ve seen some pretty amazing concepts come out of spaces using our coatings. Some of the craziest? The man caves! We’ve coated so many shops in Bend, Portland, and throughout Oregon where people are using sections of their garages and back spaces to carve out a dedicated man cave.
We actually served one gentleman who asked us to coat a large shop space where he stored his RV. He took one corner of the shop, installed a wood burning stove, hung TVs on the wall, and built himself a really special man cave. It was pretty incredible!

#2: Airbnb Spaces

Another awesome repurposed space we encountered was a daylight savings basement that was converted into an Airbnb.

When we first arrived, it was just an ugly, unfinished, un-utilized room on the back of the house. But, it did have its own walk-in! The homeowners cleaned it up, painted the walls, and invited us to install a beautiful coating across the floor. They wanted something that was super easy to clean and durable - no worries about stains or spills! And, they wanted to avoid expensive hardwood flooring that would scratch and wear with time. Instead, they chose our gorgeous Driftwood concrete coating, and now that unused space is a beautiful source of passive income.

#3: Home Gym

One gentleman we served had turned his garage into an awesome multi-purpose space. He parked his cars inside, but he also had wall decorations, his skis hung up, and a back space that was just big enough for his exercise equipment. That was his main priority! He wanted a low-maintenance coating that was also impact-resistant, slip-resistant, and easy to keep clean. Perfect for getting his sweat on!

#4: Dog Kennel

Another client of ours owns a beautiful, custom home in Central Oregon. He has two adorable dogs, but not a lot of outside space for them to play and roam. As a solution, he converted his garage into a play area/kennel. With easy cleaning as a top priority, we went in and ground the surface, then applied a fresh, clean coating. The stain and moisture-resistant surface is ideal for a busy dogg-o haven!

Transform Your Space with a Custom Concrete Coating!

We can get rid of that ugly, musty, absorbent, hard-to-clean concrete, and replace it with a beautiful, durable coating that’s covered by a 15-year warranty. It looks amazing, and it’s fast to install!

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