Can Webfoot Install Coatings in the Winter? [VIDEO & WINTER COATING GUIDE]

Winter is inevitable, but it shouldn't be why your garage floors are covered in snow, ice, water, or road salt. Not only does it look unsightly, but it also leaves your garage floor vulnerable to damage. 

A good garage floor coating is the best way to keep your garage floors clean, safe, and damage-free, especially in the winter.

Yes! Webfoot Installs Concrete Coatings Year-Round

If you have ever wondered if it's possible to install garage floor coatings during the winter, the answer is absolutely! Most people believe it's impossible to successfully apply a coating during the winter due to the cold, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It can be difficult, yes (which is why professionals better do it), but definitely not impossible. At Webfoot, you’d find us installing garage concrete coatings all year round! The only thing, though, is that if your exterior surfaces are exposed to snowfall, we cannot coat them. 

If you've been thinking about the best options for your garage floor coatings in the winter, you’ve probably thought about using epoxy coats— a popular and affordable type of floor coating. 

The problem with epoxy, however, is that you cannot install it at any temperature. Unless the epoxy coating is specifically formulated for cold weather, it usually doesn’t cure completely when applied at temperatures below 40 degrees. 

But If you must use them anyway, you'll have to do a few tedious things like warming up your environment before applying the first and second coats.

What you want, then, is a coating that will not give you any problems despite the weather, and polyurea coatings are the best choice for that. They can be installed at any temperature, even zero degrees and below, which makes them ideal for coating garage floors in winter. 

Also, regardless of the temperature, polyurea forms a strong chemical bond with the concrete it's applied to, which means it will not chip, peel, or crack. What makes it even better is that at Webfoot, we slightly adjust the mix of our polyurea coatings so that they cure perfectly even in freezing temperatures. 

3 Great Reasons to Have Your Garage Floor Coated This Winter

You may have put off coating your garage floor until now, and that's okay. There are several reasons now is the perfect time to have your garage floor coated, even though it’s winter. Let’s examine three of them. 

Reason 1: Protect your floor from road salt. 

road salt

When you are out and about in the winter, there's a chance that your car tires will bring some road salt into your garage. This wouldn’t be a problem if the road salt were not harmful to your concrete. 

But unfortunately, when salts come in contact with your garage's concrete, the concrete’s pore structure absorbs more water, leading to increased pressure inside the concrete when it freezes in cold weather. It does not take long after this before your concrete begins to chip or even spall completely. 

Also, road salt and snow can cause white stains—which are difficult to remove— on your garage floor due to subfluorescence, making it look messy and ugly. 

On the other hand, a durable, weather-resistant coating like Webfoot’s pure polyurea will save you the damage and stress by acting as a protector for your concrete floor. All you have to do is sweep up the salts to keep your space looking clean and tidy. No pressure. 

Reason Two: Expand your living space now – for forever. 

expanded living space

Converting a garage into a livable space is no easy feat. There's so much to do, especially on the floor. However, with a garage floor coating, you can quickly transform rough floors into smooth, livable surfaces while adding custom designs to create a homey effect.

Reason Three: Same quality, different season. 

high quality garage floor with skis hanging

The fact that you are installing your garage floor coating in the winter does not mean you have to settle for a lower-quality floor than the one installed in the summer. Regardless of the season and temperature, a Webfoots concrete coating possesses fantastic benefits, including; 

  1. Durable: They’re nothing like epoxy, which breaks after some time. Freely pick up your tools when they fall on our floor coating without fear of floor damage.
  2. Chemical Bond: They strongly bond to your concrete floor and stay in place year after year—no chips, cracks, or peels.
  3. 1-Day Installation: There’s no need to wait for days before stepping into your space. Polyurea can be fully applied and cured in 24 hours! 
  4. Temperature Tolerant: Whether installed indoors or outdoors, you won't have to worry about the effect of harsh weather. Say hello to long-lasting garage floor coatings! 

A Wrap-Up On Winter Coatings

Garage floor coatings are critical to the long-term health of your concrete garage floor. They provide UV protection, last longer, improve the overall appearance of your garage, and are 100% safe, especially when applied by a team of professionals. 

A Webfoot concrete coating installed in the winter gives you the same goodness as a Webfoot coating installed in the summer— the best quality for a lifetime.