How to Organize a Messy Garage

Although garages are supposed to be for parking vehicles, they've become as messy as closets—overflowing with things we don't know where to put, such as old tools, hardware, toys, boxes of old clothes, books, and so on. 

Your garage has turned into a receptacle because you haven't solved the tidiness problems. How can you restore the order? Start by taking everything out and sorting it into piles that you want to keep, sell, give away or dispose of. 

Read on to see what you need to organize a messy garage. Let's get organized!

Sorting is still the best way to free up space in your garage. Items that may store together should be grouped, such as gardening and lawn care equipment, automotive accessories and tools, sports equipment and gear, and household appliances. When sorting, set out three large, labeled boxes for things you want to sell, donate or dispose of.

How to Organize a Messy Garage

An organized garage gives you a place for everything, from storage to game space.

We know that organizing a garage comes with its own set of challenges. But don't worry; these tips will help you if you want to clean up the garage in less than an hour.

  • Take inventory of the items in the garage and sort accordingly
  • Part with items that take up more space
  • Get some bins and place the sorted items in the appropriate bins
  • Clean the garage with a broom and hose and make minor repairs

Organizing a garage over the weekend

Before you begin, make sure you've got the following items: heavy-duty trash bags, a broom or vacuum, a collection basket for miscellaneous items, bins, a marker, and tape. 

Organize garage clutter.

Sort and then clean the floor by sweeping it thoroughly. When cleaning up, throw away all unimportant items immediately; this will save you time deciding which items to keep or throw away. You may be undecided about which items to keep, throw away, or donate; asking when you last used an item would help you decide. 

Organize the garage into zones.

Since the garage contains so many different items, it is best to zone it. Start by grouping similar items into four categories;

  • Car accessories
  • Sports equipment
  • Household tools
  • Wastebasket 

Once the items are sorted, you can determine how much space each zone takes up and plan accordingly. 

Create a garage storage strategy.

Assess the storage area in your garage and begin placing items in the most appropriate locations. To expand your storage space, you can;

  • Make the best use of vertical space
  • If you have children, store harmful items and substances in locking cabinets
  • Use the existing storage system or purchase one

You can start with a conservative storage system by buying some simple garage 

organizers like shelving, a sturdy step stool, and then expand as needed.

Keep garage organization— The final step is to maintain an organized garage by sweeping as often as needed, whether seasonally, monthly, or even weekly. Since the garage can quickly become cluttered, regular cleaning will be a decent fundamental schedule.

Garage Storage Planning

storage bin storage

Making a list of all the items in the garage will help you quickly determine what you have to work with and what type of storage system is best when you start organizing. Once you have compiled a list of everything you should consider, start sorting through your garage clutter with these options; 



You may want to keep some items you found while decluttering that need to be fixed to make them work again. 



If an item is no longer helpful to you but is still in good condition and valuable in other ways, keep it in your "give away pile" and give it to friends and families, charities or non-profits that accept such donations. You'll be amazed at what your gifts can do for people who need them more than you do. 



An added benefit of decluttering is to make some money. You can sell items at a flea market or online. Oodle Marketplace and Locanto are great platforms to advertise your stuff. 

Declutter by Eliminating Extra Stuff 

You should also start decluttering by getting rid of unwanted things as you begin the cleaning process. The things you use most often should be easily accessible. You can move vacation decorations, sports equipment, garden tools, and other infrequently used items to higher places or out of the way. A slat wall with a place for each tool can help you keep track of these items when you need them later. 

To help you decide whether to get rid of unnecessary items, consider these questions;


  • Do I have more than one copy of the particular item?
  • Is the item beyond repair?
  • Is the item easy to replace?
  • Is the item affecting my ability to keep my garage space organized and efficient?

Prioritize Floor Space 

Use the garage walls to hang items. Consider adding a slat wall to the wall to hang various smaller tools and screws. Hooks are also great for storing bikes and some gardening tools because they are apparent. 


Another option is to store items in stackable plastic boxes. These boxes make keeping items neat, tidy and organized easier. By keeping items off the floor, you'll have more room for your car and not deal with messy, impossible-to-sort piles.

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