Can We Build 2nd Story Decks? Yes, We Can!

​For a home with a sloped lot, a walkout basement, or distant views, a second-story deck is a real problem solver. Most importantly, it gives immediate access to the outdoors through the kitchen, great room, or dining area. At the same time, it can add dramatic architectural interest to the otherwise blank back of the house. As a bonus, under-deck space can also be used as a functional shaded play area for kids or entertaining guests.

This beauty and functionality does come at a price. When it comes to building a second-story deck, framing, footings, and fastening hardware have to handle with the exaggerated lateral forces placed on an elevated structure. Additionally, because of the height involved, a second-story deck is overall more challenging to build. Many of our customers, however, have found the beauty and utility of their second-story deck make the extra cost and effort definitely worthwhile.

Beautiful view from second story deck.

The Benefits of 2nd Story Decks

Not only will a second story deck add a certain charm to your home, it will also give you tons of extra space! That means more privacy for each family member. More ways to spend time outside, relax, read a book, garden, enjoy nature. A deck is that perfect blend between home and nature, and a second story deck allows you to enjoy even more of it. Second story decks also add a lot of value to your home, even more than a single story deck. Take advantage of enhanced outdoor living space and panoramic views with second-story living.

Special Considerations for Building 2nd Story Decks

Understandably, the most important thing when designing a second story deck is support and stability. The importance of proper engineering and load-bearing considerations is paramount when it comes to second-story structures. Second story decks need to be secured to the house with a ledger board, but also needs stability at the base. This is usually done by securing the upper deck posts to the lower deck. It can also be done by pouring a cement patio on the lower lever, or securing the posts with cement. While it is relatively simple to DIY a deck when it is ground level, it is generally not advised to take on building a second story deck alone. Luckily, the Webfoot team has years of experience in ensuring safety and compliance with building codes, especially when it comes to deck building. We’re here to make your deck dreams a reality.

Outdoor dining on second story deck.

Design and Aesthetics

Sometimes having a second story deck can look awkward without the right configuration. When it comes to design, aesthetics are just as important. To make it seem like an organic and function part of the home, consider adding a pergola or a gazebo to the top level. The separate layers will blend the deck more into the design of the house, and make it more pleasing to the eye. We offer an array of customization options and materials to match the existing home's style.

Accessibility and Safety

While we want you to feel like your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, it is a separate structure that does need to be firmly attached to your house…or the results can be disastrous. Obviously elevated decks are at a greater risk of becoming unattached to your home than ground-level decks. And it's much more dangerous if they do! At Webfoot, we utilize ultra-durable hardware to secure the elevated structure of your home. If you’re building the two-story deck of your dreams, it's no time to skimp on quality.

Your deck railing system is one of the most important safety features for elevated outdoor structures. In order to prevent falling, the rail height must stand at least 36 inches high. Official requirements say that railings must be able to withstand 40 pounds of direct pressure per square foot. When building a second story deck, we are always looking to maximize safety along the way. 

When we work together to plan your second-story deck, we ensure every safety feature from the joint spans to the concrete footing, as well as the stairs and entry points to your deck are considered carefully.

Second story deck railing.

The Webfoot Advantage

When it comes to building second-story decks, we're the seriously great team for the job. We offer in house design and advice on layout, materials, railing systems, and lighting accessories and  are committed to delivering superior results and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team of professionals skilled in deck building have expertise with all wood types: cedar, red cedar, redwood, mahogany, ipe, teak, fir and we have carpenters on staff for board replacement, structural repairs, upgrades and expansions (no sub-contractors here). We even offer a Certified Deck Inspector to assess repairs, advise on replacement, and to bring your deck up to code. We utilize only high-quality materials and industry best practices, and know that attention to detail is of the utmost importance. 

The Process of Building a 2nd Story Deck

If you’re ready to take on a decking project but are still unsure about which material is right for you, the carpentry experts at Webfoot Painting are here to help! We are happy to answer any questions you might have about building a new deck, deck restoration, or obtaining a deck permit. Here is a general idea of the the step-by-step process of working with Webfoot Painting to build your second-story deck. 

  • Initial consultation and design
  • Permit acquisition, if necessary
  • Construction and installation
  • Quality assurance and final touches
  • Ongoing care

Customer Testimonials

 At Webfoot, we offer unmatched customer service and care, start to finish. Just talk to some of our satisfied customers who have had second story decks built by our team.

"My neighbor next door, who saw my deck summarized it the best. He said, “my deck was cheaper…but yours is PERFECT.” I am happy to tell people who worked on my deck, not only because the job was so well done, but I know in my heart that it was not a fluke or abnormal, rather it is the way Webfoot takes care of business. So, I am confident when recommending them and attaching my name and reputation to theirs."

Joe P. - ‎Sunriver, OR 

“Webfoot tore out my old deck and replaced it with a beautiful new Trex Deck. They did a great job and we’re on time and as professional as any contractor I’ve ever worked with. I would highly recommend them!” - Chuck K. 

“We've never contracted out this level of work before so we were not quite sure what to expect. From proposal to completion, we're delighted with the deck built by the crew from Webfoot! We are seniors and we appreciated that everyone wore masks and always took all precautions. First, Chuck as estimator spent a good amount of time with us giving detailed options for the work we wanted done, and then Aaron and his crew got to work. Aaron kept us up-to-date on their progress, thoughtfully answered all our questions and provided solutions when needed. Blaine crafted beautiful steps while having to contend with some unexpected and challenging terrain. The work ethic of Aaron and his entire crew was apparent in their attention to detail, their communication with us, their respect for our property and their upbeat attitude throughout the entire project. It was clear they were proud of their craftsmanship as they worked on every detail. And...the deck was actually finished a day ahead of schedule. The results are exceptional. Thank you, Aaron and crew!” - Mary B. 

Webfoot team working on second story deck.

We’re Your Second-Story Deck Team

We know the perfect backyard starts with a well built, easy to maintain deck. Building a second-story deck can get complicated and time-consuming quickly. If you’re looking for a partner to build your elevated deck or above-ground porch, you’ve found one. Not only do we build the most visually stunning decks, but we build the safest ones as well. Few deck builders feel comfortable tackling ambitious elevated or two-story projects, but we love it! Give us a call or request a quote for your new dream deck by filling out our online contact form.