7 Seasonal Storage Tips

September 22, 2022
seasonal storage

As the weather turns cooler and the days start getting shorter...we all know summer is drawing to a close, prompting the need to prepare for the upcoming winter season. But what should you do with all of your summer gear? This is where the concept of seasonal storage becomes essential.

By employing an effective storage strategy, you can efficiently declutter your garage and store away summer items that won't be needed during the winter and fall. If you're uncertain about the best way to approach this, fear not—we're here to offer guidance and assistance.

Below are seven ways to easily transition from summer to winter/fall with seasonal storage.

7 Seasonal Storage Tips

Tip 1: Store Summer Clothes

Winter clothing such as earmuffs, coats, jackets, and mittens tend to be bulky, and one of the best ways to create enough storage space for them is to put away your summer clothes. You probably will not need that swimsuit and a sun hat in the winter, so store them in boxes, hanging bags, suitcases, hangers, or other appropriate storage options to declutter and free up space. Webfoot Garage Cabinets can be sized to fit the storage bins you use every year, or a wardrobe section sized to fit your needs.

clothing storage

Tip 2: Store Large Summer Gear with Vertical Storage

Summer's warmth and landscape create the perfect conditions for all sorts of outdoor activities that require some gear. But that's over for now, which means you do not need all that gear. So if you own a hiking backpack, camping gear, grill stands, trampolines, and other sizeable summer gear, it's time to pack them up. For instance,

Paddleboards: All you need to store your paddleboard for the upcoming winter season is a SUP shelf, preferably indoors - away from icy conditions. Along with our custom cabinets, Webfoot offers slat walls as part of your re-imagined garage space. Popular add-ons for slat walls let you store your paddleboard off the ground and free up floor space. 

Fishing poles: To protect your fishing rods from the elements and rot, it's best to store them in vertical racks or rod holders off the ground. Try our Webfoot’s Gravity Grabbers as a vertical storage solution.

If you own a kayak, canoe, or boat, you may want to consider spacious storage options such as warehouses, sheds, basements, and water vessel storage facilities. Or, with a Webfoot concrete coating your garage floor is strong enough to hold the weight of whatever large, out-of-water equipment you need to store for the winter - as long as you’ve got the garage space (our custom storage solutions can help with that, too). 

Tip 3: Store Gardening Gear

Everyone knows winter is not the best time for farming since gardens are usually covered in snow, and plants barely grow. That's why it makes sense to store away rakes, shovels, hand trowels, digging forks, wheelbarrows, garden shears, and other gardening tools you have lying around since you won’t have any use for them.

Depending on your preference and the garden tools you want to store, you can customize a slat wall for this purpose, or store smaller gear in a built-in workbench section. Webfoot can help you design either custom solution.

Custom shelves for gardening gear.

Tip 4: Store Pool Toys & Accessories

Floating tubes: These are usually very susceptible to weather changes. It is best to store them in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags. If you don’t want to look at bins and bags all winter long, then Webfoot you can design cabinets that are the exact size for the containers or bags of your choosing, so you can maximize your storage space. 

Pool toys and accessories: Swimming, whether in pools or controlled waters, is a fun summer activity that many love, and it is made even better and safer with toys and accessories. However, you probably will not need these items for a while. 

Rather than letting them clutter your space, store them with hanging storage hooks, laundry baskets, and wall-mounted racks on slat walls.

Tip 5: Store Summer Decorations & Get Out New Seasonal Decor

As the weather changes, so should your indoor and outdoor decor. Take down all your summer decorations and store them in appropriate storage units. Functional slat walls or large cabinets are great solutions for seasonal decor that you won't have to access all season long. Then, bring out the winter/fall decorations. Emerald green, alabaster white, and teal blue are great colors for winter decor.

Tip 6: Make Your Gear For Fall & Winter Activities Easy To Access

Scouring your garage for a pair of mittens or beanies just before heading out into the cold is avoidable. All you need to do is set up a system that allows you to find your stored winter accessories quickly. 

You can attach corresponding tags to boxes, drawers, closets, shelves, and other storage units. This way, you can find items without much fuss. However, for this to work optimally, ensure that each storage unit has the appropriate label and that you return items to the right storage units. 

You can make your winter gear always accessible by designing a custom storage solution with Webfoot. Working with a Webfoot Design Consultant, you can craft a system that  has a place for everything, so you can easily find the items you’re looking for. 

Custom organized garage with cabinets and shelving.

Tip 7: Prepare For Fall & Snow By Prepping Equipment

It's crucial to configure and prepare specific equipment for winter, as changing weather conditions can affect their functionality. 

For example, depending on the equipment, you may need to switch to winterized fuel/oil, install block heaters, use starting fluid, run the engine until it reaches operating temperature, perform tire and undercarriage maintenance, or keep the batteries warm. 

These simple measures will ensure that all your equipment works optimally and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns despite the icy conditions. 

Winter is Coming - Be Ready. 

Summer is coming to an end, which can only mean winter is coming. Make sure to prepare for weather changes, especially regarding storage. But, contrary to public opinion, this is not a Herculean task. Simply follow the tips highlighted in this blog, and you’ll be more than ready for winter and fall in the storage department. 

Ski and winter gear storage.

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