Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets and Trim by Toning in Bend, OR

You hear a lot about kitchen cabinet painting these days. It’s a popular option, and for a whole lot of great reasons.

But what if you prefer the more natural, stained look? Maybe you’ll go crazy if you see another set of white kitchen cabinets.

For those of you who think wood grain is the bee’s knees (and we hear you), we’ve got another option to consider: toning.

And no, we’re not talking about the kind of toning you get by doing extra cardio. We’re talking instead about a complex, but effective, method of cabinet transformation. It requires a skilled hand and a whole lot of product knowledge, but the results are more than worth it.

For a closer look, take a peek into this kitchen update in Bend.

How Do You Change Your Cabinets’ Tone?

The process involves floating a layer of stain and pigments evenly over a previously-lacquered surface. Once these new pigments are applied, they’re sealed in with more coats of lacquer or urethane.

What’s the benefit of this technique?

Since you’re successfully applying a new finish over an existing one, the major benefit is that there is no need for messy stripping and sanding. It’s also an effective way to create a rich, refreshed finish for this vital space in your home.

That’s what we in the painting biz like to call a win-win.

Why Toning Cabinets Requires a Professional Touch

Spraying a tinted lacquer onto your cabinets is an option, but it limits the range of colors you can choose. The best, most versatile application technique is using your own two hands, achieving the desired finish with a precise, consistent application.

Lap marks, application blemishes, uneven finishes, and inconsistent tones across multiple surfaces all are potential risks. Your best option is to leave the process to a painting and refinishing professional.

Is Cabinet Resurfacing or Toning Right for My Home?

For the highest-quality finish possible, the wood needs to be in good to fair condition. Dry, cracking surfaces, or fractured/splintered cabinet doors, make an even application extremely difficult. The stain pigments tend to fill crevices (even tiny ones!), and this creates a slightly different tone that accentuates the damaged area.

Not good.

What are your options if the surface isn’t in the best condition? A higher-building, solid color option could fill your needs (literally), providing a more forgiving coverage that evens out the blemishes and adds a little extra protection too. 

The kitchen above is a great example of this method! If you like a more rustic style (think farmhouse, shabby chic), you could also consider a sand through effect.  Beyond that you would be looking at replacing portions of your cabinets.

What’s the Best Way to Refinish Your Central Oregon Kitchen?

It’s easy. Give us a call at Webfoot Painting!

We can make a seriously great transformation (like the one above) a reality in your home, clearly laying out the best options for your specific surfaces and stylistic goals. Contact us today!