Why We Love Trex Composite Decking

As a company that specializes in deck design, construction, and maintenance in Bend, OR, we’ve got lots of experience in the various materials you can build a deck from.  We’re often asked whether it’s better to go natural wood vs. composite, but we’re also asked which brand of composite we prefer.

To explore the pros and cons of wood vs. composite, check out the benefits of both here. Due to our extremely dry climate and the maintenance a wood deck requires, we often feel composite is your best bet in the long run. While the initial cost is higher, the maintenance-free aspect will allow you to recoup that expense fairly quickly. No wood rot, no insects, no sanding, staining, or board replacements... there’s a lot to love choosing a composite deck.

‍And, there’s also a lot to love about our favorite composite decking company: Trex.

Trex Decking: What makes it so seriously great?

While the quality of their material is certainly outstanding, we also love how eco-friendly it is.

‍Did you know that Trex deck materials are made up of 95% recycled plastic? Here are some other cool facts:

1) Trex is the largest PE film recycler in the US. 

2) They work with large grocery store chains to provide collection bins for PE plastic (think plastic film & plastic grocery bags).

3) Trex’s premium composite decking is all made using these recycled bags and film!

Watch a quick clip from KTVZ on this program at work in Bend!

On an even larger scale, Trex purchases plastic waste from local businesses, providing an extra incentive to recycle. 

‍You can learn more about these programs here!

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