3 Signs That You’re Suffering From a Messy Garage

Clutter in garages is a stressor for most homeowners, even though it usually doesn't start that way. At first, it appears like dumping things in any available space is a quick storage fix, especially when there is a shortage of space for storing items that are not regularly used or do not fit in space. However, most homeowners would agree that they often come up with the idea of making the best use of available space due to the underutilization of their storage spaces. So, how can we ensure that the right spaces are always available for storing our items? 

Is it time to clean up your garage?

messy garage


Messy garages are a hotspot for clutter accumulation in most homes. For homeowners, a messy garage is a norm, mainly because it can be overwhelming thinking about what it will take to clean it up. The truth is your garage may be on SOS without knowledge. It's not bad, but it might be time to clean up your garage if you notice any of these symptoms:

Sign 1: Being in your garage is stressful

With the fast pace of life and living, sometimes it's tough to keep up, so you put off decluttering your garage. Initially, this brought some relief in keeping items in your home. However, it has now grown into a menace with multi-layered problems ranging from damaged tools and equipment to finding new replacements for tools you already have in an unknown pile somewhere. And that's not all: the garage is now the most dreaded part of your home because it's mentally exhausting to find an item. You'll agree that all it takes to create a monster of clutter is to store items wherever you can find space simply, and voila, your garage is well on its way to becoming a stress centre. Keep in mind that the longer this habit continues, the harder it will be to get your garage back in order.

Sign 2: You can’t find ANYTHING

“Help, I can not find anything!”

If this situation sounds familiar, it's time to declutter your garage. Having to search endlessly for any item is very stressful. No matter how gruelling, I would choose another task over this any day. Imagine how much time you spend digging through a pile of clutter—time you could be investing in productive tasks or a much-needed self-care activity. So what's the way forward? Here are a few steps to help you reduce the time you spend looking for items.

  • The first step is to stop adding more items to the existing clutter. As hard as that may sound, this is the start to bringing order back to the current chaos in your garage.

  • You will also need to sort the pile of items by category and label each type. If you do this right, you will always know where each item is at any given time.

organized slat wall

Now that you have the chaos in your garage somewhat under control, you need the best storage systems for your garage to ensure that the order you have created stays. This is what will put the finishing touches on your efforts.

Sign 3: No space to park

The concept of having your garage has many benefits. In itself, it's about having a safe, enclosed space that serves as a shelter for your vehicles and allows you to store items that are not used frequently. For garages that do not have enough space for cars because they are cluttered with too many things, the best way to reclaim much-needed space is to reorganize the room using a system that manages the available floor space. One such method is choosing the right garage closet system, which will make the most of the floor and wall space. It doesn’t cost too much. At Webfoot, there are plenty of cost-effective storage options.

Get Organized - For Your Health

There are many benefits to having an organized garage. Aside from the aesthetic pleasure it provides, it's also good for the mind by restoring a level of calm that increases productivity, reduces waves of stress that can lead to fatigue, and decreases anxiety. Doing something the same way and getting an undesirable result indicates that you need to change your methods if you want a different result. The first step in the right direction in such a situation is to show you how to organize a messy garage with a custom storage solution like Webfoot cabinets. In a matter of minutes, that cluttered garage can look like the dream space you have always wanted.