Curbside Appeal 101: Five Ways To Work Those Home Assets

Let’s face it, folks. Looks matter!

Think of it like a first date: When your home hits the market, that first impression is a crucial factor in a buyer’s decision to get more serious. Instead of wondering why they didn’t call, with thoughtful curbside appeal, you and your house will possess the power of roadside attraction. That can mean more buyers, and a better offer.

Taking your house’s drive-by allure to the next level doesn’t need to be complicated, or expensive, either. There are lots of ways you can wow the crowd without emptying your wallet.

We compiled this list to give you some typical places to start, and included some ideas of our own.

And’s time for some VISUAL EFFECTS.


Photo Credit: Laurie Black

Upgrading your yard and outside areas with greenery–fresh plants, attractive shrubs and even trees–showcases your yard and home, bringing warmth and energy to that initial view.

Try these for a few starters

  • Add some perennials for colorful pops to your border gardens, or at the base of that shade tree. MAD SKILLS BONUS: Plant them so they’ll bloom at different times to keep that color coming throughout the selling season.
  • Add window planter boxes. Keep in mind you’ll have to upkeep those plants for maximum effect!
  • Use shrubs and grasses to add texture and layers to flat areas, or to define a new space for a bench, bird feeder or bath.
  • Build a rock garden. The beauty of being in Central Oregon is access to rocks. Lots of rocks. Stack or roll some together to create your signature rock formation, and accent with a few plants.
  • Got a mailbox? Several blogs suggest replacing it. Or repaint it. Add some new, bold numbers. Then, hang a planter on the post, or in a pail or pot below it.


If you have a porch or front deck, recognize the potential. A picture of life in the slow lane, it’s an outdoor space that says “This is where the magic happens.” A place to watch the sunset, or the kids doing their 278th lap around the block. Redone right with creative touches and some materials upgrades, an updated porch may make you think twice about ever moving.

  • Let the light shine in! Consider removing shrubs or trees that block the view. Clearing the area around the porch up expands the view and creates an open feel.
  • Restain or paint. Adding color or refreshing your wood stain does wonders for making your porch pop.
  • Hang a window pane, stained glass, curtains or...wait for it...a porch swing! (We found this tutorial on how to hang a porch swing with HGTV.)
  • Use potted plants, a colorful rug and furniture to create a cozy feel.
  • If your porch or deck materials are damaged, or have some questionable safety issues, it might be time to consider an overhaul by rebuilding or replacing materials.


Common curbside wisdom recommends finding ways to use fresh paint to accent your house’s positives.

  • If your exterior paint is in sad shape, investing in a new coat of paint could pay off when the offers start rolling in. Make sure to pick a house paint color that appeals rather than repels.
  • No time for a full exterior paint job? Focus on the front door. Accenting the main entrance with color can be magnetic. This article gives a ton of ideas for colors for painting your front door.
  • Paint your trim! A well-chosen contrasting or tonal color gives your home a fresh look


Talk about some serious real estate! A well-cared for driveway can quickly steer buyers-and impressed guests right to your front door. A cracked or tired-looking driveway could send the message your place isn’t well cared for. If it’s showing signs of wear, it might be worth it to resurface your driveway.

  • Reseal your asphalt professionally, or, if only small repairs are needed, buy your own asphalt repair material.
  • If you have concrete that is cracked, chipped or bare, one of our durable, attractive concrete coatings in the color of your choice could turn your driveway into a showpiece:


An eye-catching walkway or patio is an invitation to come in and stay awhile. Are they looking tired or uninspired? Try these tips to give your walkways and patios some punch:

  • Upgrade or add exterior lighting. Nothing creates atmosphere like lights. Find low-cost solar sconces to light the way to your front door or patio. Add ambience by placing them in garden areas.
  • PAAR...TY! Nothing’s more festive than a fun outdoor space. Perk up your patio with a colorful outdoor rug and accessories, some solar string lights and some planters to define the perimeter.
  • Add a Concrete Coating. Yeah, it’s what we do, but it’s also because we think it’s the COOLEST THING EVER! If you have a concrete walkway or patio, a colorful concrete coating not only looks amazing, it LASTS.

Especially in the Pacific Northwest where temperatures fluctuate, many walkways, patios and driveways can be prone to cracks and increased weathering. Concrete coatings are a state-of-the-art process that gives you a high gloss, custom color finish that’s flexible, durable and UV stable, which means it resists cracking.

In other words, concrete coatings are THE BOMB.

See if it could work for you! Can I Coat It?

Whew! We’ve got the wheels turning now! These tips should give you a good start, but really, a bit of creativity and ingenuity go a long way. Still want more? Check out this list:

Make the most with what you’ve got, and go for it. You can do this!

(If you can’t, that's okay. We’re in this business because we love projects that bring out the best in every home. Contact us to call in the cavalry.)

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