5 Clever Garage Storage Solutions [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

October 5, 2022
well organized garage

The right combination of storage systems is the secret to a tidy garage. These systems create more space and transform underutilized garages into valuable multi-purpose rooms. Considering different sizes and shapes, evaluating items is essential to determine appropriate storage options. Whether you're looking for innovative garage storage solutions or want to utilize your garage's capacity fully, we can help.

Read on to learn more about different garage storage solutions you can use at home.

Vertical Storage Options

vertical storage frees up floor space in your garage

Moving your belongings off the floor and into a wall-mounted storage system can maximize your storage capacity without wasting valuable space. Going vertical allows for extensive storage capacity and improves the visibility and accessibility of items. 

Custom shelving space: Never underestimate the value of shelving units for keeping your stuff organized. Cabinets are essentially shelving units with doors that help you conceal your contents. 

webfoot garage cabinets

The advantage cabinets have over simple shelving units is that the lockable door covers debris, giving a clean and organized look. For anyone who has an extensive collection of tools and other items in their garage, shelving cabinets would be an excellent addition. If you own a home and intend to live in it longer, it's worth investing in custom cabinets from Webfoot. Our cabinets are a real asset, as they feature drawers that can accommodate all of your garage needs without taking up crucial walking space. Our designed cabinet configurations can be used as inspiration when designing your own custom storage solution that suits your style and needs: 

  • Max-storage— the perfect design choice if you want to store items in a single storage system
  • Double-decker max— is a "garage within a garage" with deeper upper cabinets that give you more space for infrequently used items
  • The craftsman— is a mix of large storage capacity and large workspace for when you want to display a variety of DIY projects
  • Max craftsman— gives you an upgraded design of the Craftsman with a wider butcher block work surface
  • The weekend warrior— is an all-around cabinet with a large storage capacity, a work surface for small and medium DIY projects, and an additional slatted wall for hanging your tools

Slat walls: Instead of limiting storage to cabinets, think outside the box! Walls can also be fantastic for maximizing space. Some things don't easily fit on a shelf—that's where slat walls come in handy. 

PVC slat wall storage

Much like a pegboard, a slat wall panel is an attractive and efficient way to organize your items. Thanks to the grid, you can easily customize the storage wall to fit the needs of your garage. The versatile system can hold and store mops, brooms and cleaning supplies, lawn care items and tools, baskets, holders, hooks, tool holders, and pretty much anything in any configuration. 

Workbench space: If your garage doubles as a workshop, worktables may be the solution to edge around your workbench repeatedly. Workbenches are countertops used as hobby work surfaces and are a great option if you don't have enough space for a full-fledged permanent workstation.

butcherblock workbench

 They provide DIYers, woodworkers, and gardeners with space to enjoy their activities while keeping their clutter in the house. With additional storage underneath and a protective coated butcher block work surface, the workbench feature of Webfoot cabinets is all you need to tackle all kinds of DIY projects.

Gravity grabbers: This is another attractive solution for storing skis and snowboards in safe spots while keeping them in place. 

wall storage

Storing them off the ground prevents your ski tips and edges from getting dented. If you enjoy skiing as much as snowboarding, the days of worrying about someone tripping over your skis or snowboard are over. Plus, you won't have to buy separate racks if the people you live with have different interests than you. Unlike most other storage systems, gravity grabbers are an ultimate all-around solution that can hold skis and snowboards and other gear like skateboards, rakes, and shovels.

Bike racks: Bikes take up a lot of space when not in use without racks. Especially when the whole family is riding, with wall-mounted racks, you can quickly load and unload your bikes, saving floor space. When choosing a bike rack for your garage, key considerations are space, accessibility, and ease of use by the people who'll be using it. You can consider these bike rack options.

  • Bike lifts
  • Hanging racks 
  • Ceiling racks 
  • Steadyracks
bike rack
Steadyracks hold bikes off the ground


Having everything in its place and a place for everything is essential to garage organization. When you keep your items organized, you can easily find what you need when you need it, giving you more time and energy. Like our other space-saving storage systems, Webfoot offers a wide range of cabinets with different configuration options to meet homeowners' requirements.

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