Sweep Up with Easy-to-Clean Salon Concrete Coatings

Don’t put up with bad hair days

Ever wake up with an extreme case of bed head? An extra cow lick or a couple stray hairs that just wouldn’t behave. Investing in the wrong flooring for your salon can be just as frustrating as a bad hair day. If you’re wondering why beautification businesses aren’t splitting hairs over investing in concrete floor coatings, here’s a run down of all the benefits of salon concrete coatings.

high gloss floor coating

A superior and attractive flooring surface

Since salons are in the business of beautification - credibility is gained by a high end appearance - floor to ceiling. Without aesthetically pleasing surroundings, clients won’t trust your ability to make their hair, nails and skin look good. From neutral looks to multi-color chip concrete coating surfaces, customers and staff benefit from an aesthetically pleasing look, durability and low maintenance. Salon owners may prefer the elegance of a metallic system. Benefits of this salon concrete coating are iridescent accents, a high-shine finish, and a wide range of colors.

Cleanliness is godliness

Hairdressers need to be able to restore an elegant floor space with the sweep of a broom. With back to back clients and just a few minutes to prep in between customers, ease of tidying up is a must. Non-porous polyurea salon concrete coating flooring is crack, friction and fray edgeless. There is nowhere to trap dirt, microbes and other debris. Salon concrete coatings' ability to be applied vertically over cove moldings for seamless floor basins - which prevents water retention underwalls is a huge advantage when tidying up, as well.

The Ripstop of flooring

Tear and abrasion-resistant flooring is important for hairstylists and aestheticians. Working with sharp and possibly hot tools like scissors, clippers, dryers and flat irons, can damage less sturdy flooring like tile (or worse yet vinyl) when accidentally dropped. In addition, working with sometimes harsh chemicals for hair coloring or texture - spills or drops can cause staining and damage.

No slips, trips or falls

Fall protection is a top-reported safety violation according to OSHA - salons are not an exception. With heavy foot traffic between practitioners, stylists and aestheticians and clients, trails of dripping wet hair, shed hair from trimming and cutting, chemical colorants and washbasins can all coalesce to create a sudsy and slippery environment. Unless you have salon concrete coatings flooring. If for no other reason - get salon concrete coatings to reduce the liability of your company.

high-gloss coating of shop lobby

Installed in a flash

Minimal time for installation makes committing to salon concrete coatings a no-brainer.

Good enough for man’s best friend

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Check out these happy businesses focused on pet grooming and care that are pleased as punch with their concrete coatings.

cute dog on a Webfoot concrete coating

By: KM Collins