Cannabis Production Concrete Coatings: Grow Room Flooring Best Practices

broadcasting a chip system for a cannabis facility floor

Now that one of the west coast's newest, previously sequestered industries is legal and on the rise, understanding the benefits of cannabis production concrete coatings is a must. Since all great enterprises start from the ground up, here’s a quick rundown of why your cannabis production facility and laboratories will greatly benefit from concrete coating flooring.

High Standards

The cannabis industry demands the highest quality in production facilities including from federal oversight like the United States Department of Agriculture and the Federal Drug Administration. When it comes to flooring, cannabis production concrete coatings are the quickly becoming the industry standard because they are:

  • Antimicrobial surfaces which protect plant and human health
  • Easy to clean and maintain smooth, seamless surfaces
  • Chemical and thermal shock resistant which increases the lifespan of the cannabis production concrete flooring
  • USDA and FDA compliance
  • Moisture resistant, non-porous and water proof
  • Slip-resistance to increase safety

For more on cannabis production concrete coatings high standards (some of the highest in the industry) see Webfoot’s checklist. And, to check out how the cannabis production concrete coatings custom installation process looks, see this youtube video!

Unique Requirements

Even the strongest strains of hemp and cannabis can be vulnerable to microbes, fungi and insects. The smallest forms of life can hide in the tightest spaces, especially in highly trafficked areas like the floor. A cannabis production concrete coating system which will seal off the gaps and crevices where micro life flourishes is key.

VOC-free, odor-free, and emission-free coatings are the most airtight products - and critical to avoiding cannabis production disruption. If the polymer flooring emits odors it could be a sign of emissions and volatility. This means the flooring could be introducing toxins or chemicals that could affect production. This is a big no-no.

Lastly, consider a highly reflective surface to enhance lighting efficacy, which we all know is critical to photosynthesizing plants.

Commercial flooring application.

Why Prophylactics? (Consequences of bare concrete)

If you are in cannabis production you know all about the high standards and regulations. If you're just learning, you might be wondering, why such high standards? Why not just grow on bare concrete or other surfaces? Besides keeping out nano to millimeter sized creepy crawlies that can seriously destroy your crops, the specifications for air-tight also mean you’ll have the most cleanable and hygienic surfaces proven for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities.

Commerical grade concrete coated flooring.

Choosing Webfoot for Your Needs

Custom or retrofit, when it comes to cannabis production concrete coatings, know one knows what commercial food-grade federally backed operators need, like Webfoot. Outside of the commercial sphere, Webfoot is the Pacific Northwest’s leader when it comes to residential and garage concrete coatings. Contact us for a free estimate today. We may even be able to punch out your concrete coating project in one day.