Ranking Garage Bike Storage Options [2023]

From floor racks to wall mounts, there are plenty of bike storage ideas and DIY options out there to fit any garage. With thousands of bikes and bike accessories on the market, finding the right garage bike rack for your family’s needs can be challenging. Depending on how many bikes you need to store, how easy it needs to be to access them, and how much space you have for bike storage, you need a custom bike storage idea that works for your unique circumstances. We’re breaking down the top garage bike storage solutions to help guide your decision.

Floor Bike Racks

While most home bike storage systems aim to save floor space, floor racks keep your bikes organized at the ground level. Floor bike racks are commonly used to ensure easy access.  They’re often part of a larger system of garage bike storage where some bikes are stored up and away to save space, leaving just enough room for a few bikes on the ground.

Floor bike rack storage options.

Screw-in Ceiling Hook

If you don't need anything fancy and just need to get your bikes off the garage floor, opt for heavy duty bicycle hooks. Screw-in storage hooks for your wall or ceiling are a simple yet effective way to hang your bike off the ground and out of the way. Use just one hook to hang your bike vertically or two to hang it horizontally.

Simple ceiling hook bike storage.

Ceiling Track System

If you have a tight garage, no wall space, and no floor space…it’s time to look up for your storage solution. Ceiling bike storage tracks store bikes up and out of the way so that they only use that pesky extra air space above your head. This system is made of an aluminum rail that houses individual bike hooks on rolling shuttles. Each hook has its own wheeled shuttle that can independently slide to the right or left along the track.

Track system for bike storage.

Adjustable Wall Mount

Finding a storage solution to accommodate different types of bike frames can be difficult. Wall mounts free up floor space and keep your bikes securely tucked out of the way. Many offer adjustable options that work with all sizes and styles of bikes.

Wall mount bike storage.

Slat Wall with Bike Rack

The beauty of a slat wall storage system is the versatility that comes with this solution. With so many attachments and accessories, your walls become blank canvasses with a limitless number of storage configurations. A slat wall with bike rack attachment is our top choice for bike storage. Leaving bikes leaning against the garage wall or with their kickstands engaged in a corner just doesn’t cut it when you really want to take advantage of floor space. Hang any bike’s front wheel from a single hook and keep them off of the garage floor for good.

Slat wall bike storage solution.

Choosing Webfoot for Your Garage Storage Solutions

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