5 Ways Garage Floor Coatings Can Transform Your Residential Square Footage

August 4, 2021
transform your space with a coating

We’ve Got You Covered: 5 Ways Garage Floor Coatings Can Transform Passive Space Into Fun And Functional Residential Square Footage

Have you been wanting to transition a garage space into something more than a dank storage repository? Start from the ground up. Start with garage floor coatings.

Garage anxiety is seriously a real thing people.

Do you currently avoid entering the garage at all costs? Nervous about hantavirus, ghosts, goblins and spiders lurking in cobwebbed corners? Is your garage floor a crusty laminate or cracked concrete receptacle where useful household items and family keepsakes disappear in a vortex of clutter and boxes?

Start with a fresh floor canvas. Start with a garage floor coating.

A durable, long lasting, beautiful floor is the key to cleaning up the clutter jungle and creating a home oasis in that unused garage space. Here are some ideas on how, with a new garage floor coating, you could better utilize the passive space in your garage.

Playroom or Rec Room

Planning to drop or spill paper mache, glue, paint and other art supplies on the floor regularly? Do you have several rug rats that tend to take materials to task? Tend to be heavy on the wear and tear? Webfoot has a garage floor coating right for any and every conceivable space you might want to convert your garage into and many of our floors can be installed in one day. Schedule an estimate today.

She Shed, Man Cave or Basecamp

Close your eyes. Imagine the square footage of a two car garage made over and outfitted to accommodate your favorite hobbies. For some, this might be a home theater, for others, an office, sewing room or additional secondary living room. A basecamp for outdoor sports could also be in the cards. For whatever luxury space your heart desires, pick a garage floor coating that withstand the test of time – so you can spend more time lounging and less time re-doing and maintaining the flooring.

The Showroom

Displaying hot rods and classic cars in a home showroom is the pinnacle of every car collector’s dream come true. And a garage floor coating that accommodates for the needs of hot tiers in the summertime (UV stable) and won’t chip, peel or de-laminate is the ideal foundation to a home showroom dream space.

The Home Gym and/or Yoga Studio

Have you been wanting to wrestle a regular work out regimen into your schedule? You can’t get more convenient than a home gym. Because you’ll want to get low stretching, crunching and crossfitting, get a garage floor coating that’s easy to clean, won’t absorb odors and is slip resistant.

The Workshop

Do you have a flair to create? Have a shmorgishborg of tools and materials you like to use to modify and build? For the mad scientist in all of us, choose a garage floor coating sleek for roller wheels and durable for those inevitable moments when heavy equipment leaves our grasps and impacts the floor.

What’s the process of getting a garage floor coating like with Webfoot? Hear a customer testimonial!

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