3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Commercial Coating

If you're ready to get your commercial space coated, kick-off the process by asking yourself these three questions.

1: The Condition of Your Concrete

The existing condition of your concrete determines the correct coating system for your space. Existing concrete is examined for its level of damage, including excessive cracking, pitting, or exposed aggregate. Certain systems like epoxy or polyurea require concrete in a better condition for maximum adhesion and peak long-term performance.

2: What is the Space Used For? 

What do you need this coating to do for you? Our coatings offer different levels of abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and durability. The importance of these features are dependent on the aspects of your business. Do you have a loading dock? Is your space a commercial kitchen? Are you frequently doing hot wash downs? For example, if your space has the need of a high-level of hygiene, we offer cove base flooring that eliminate seams between the floor and wall. Plus, all of our resinous floors are also monolithic and seamless to give you the cleanest surface from edge-to-edge. We can get you a coating that will be high-performance for your unique space needs.

3: How Do You Want Your Floor to Look?

Our floors are available in a variety of colors and finishes, including chip, solid, or metallic systems and custom color options within your chosen finish. Your floor will meet both the functional and aesthetic goals for your business.

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