Industrial Concrete Coatings: The Most Desired Material

From Hidden Technologic Treasure to Commercial Polyurea Coated Wonder

Concrete has come a long way baby. It’s now the most ubiquitous and desired building material on the planet. Concrete tends to have fairly good staying power as is, but it’s like the fountain of youth when coated in a simple chemically bonded polymer covering. Learn how this modern marvel building material was lost, unearthed and now impresses the masses in the universe of industrial concrete coatings (as applicable to a Portland outdoor store and a food manufacturer).

History Of Industrial Concrete

This Old House, and their recently launched podcast Clearstory details The Rise and Fall of Concrete in their second episode. Here it’s noted that the building technology known as concrete had been lost for a 1,000 years until the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, which leveled the entire city except for a warehouse built of concrete. Here began concrete’s rise to free-market fandom and utter galactic domination of the building market. Listen to the podcast for more.

Industrial Concrete Coatings Today

Though epoxies, or mechanically bonding coatings, once dominated the market as the least expensive best solution to preserving flooring and beyond in massive commercial facilities, now business owners and entrepreneurs are willing to spend a little more for a better, stronger, longer lasting product. What is the better product? Polyurea or chemically bonding products, particularly, Penntek, Webfoot’s industrial concrete coating of choice. Less volatile, more durable, time tested and antimicrobial, the list of pluses goes on. The best part is installation can be as fast as 24-48 hours.

Outdoor Store: Highly Trafficked Rentals And Retail

Clackamas River Outfitters and H.K. Properties, Portland, OR

Howard Katz, owner of HK Properties leased a Portland area building to Clackamas River Outfitters. With watersports rentals and retail in the mix, Katz knew they’d need a durable and splash resistant floor so he enlisted Webfoot to do the dirty work and instal an industrial concrete coating. He and the outfitters have been so pleased with the floor's performance.

Food Grade Manufacturer

Andreas Seed Oil, Bend, OR

When former olympic athlete and gold medalist Andreas of Andreas Seed Oil, faced health challenges and treated them with prescribed pharmaceuticals, he wanted to find a more organic approach. By consuming flaxseed oil, he was able to heal himself and in his quest to share his oils with the world, Andreas needed to create the perfect industrial food processing space. To accomplish this, he chose Webfoot to install the industrial concrete coating system on the floors of his facility. Andreas says like a typical German, he likes only the best. He feels the floors are the absolute best in all categories including durability, ease of cleaning and craftsmanship at the time of installation. Having already accidentally dropped some heavy pieces of equipment on the floor, Andreas says where epoxy would have chipped, polyurea doesn’t budge.

Outside of the commercial sphere, Webfoot is the Pacific Northwest’s leader when it comes to residential, garage and any imaginable concrete coating. Contact us for a free estimate today.

By: KM Collins