Rest Easy with Heat Cables

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Prevent Dangerous Ice Dams with Heat Cables

Every year we see firsthand the wreckage ice dams can cause, from damaged roofs and gutters to extensive water intrusion.Webfoot heat cables are your solution! These cables, installed along your roof's eaves and gutters, provide even heat to prevent ice dams from forming. Our commercial-grade, self-regulating cables are durable, energy-efficient, and come with a 5-year warranty. Professionally installed by our experienced team, these cables are a safe and effective way to protect your home​​.

Why You'll Love Our Heat Cables

  • Commercial-Grade Product with a 5-Year Warranty: A high quality design with a 16-gauge tinned-copper wire core and a second layer of braided tinned-copper mesh to effectively distribute heat throughout the wires.
  • Durable & UV-Stable: Featuring an outer jacket made of UV-resistant, rugged polyolefin for maximum durability. As a result, they can be on your roof for years without deteriorating.  
  • Self-Regulating & Energy Efficient: Able to self-regulate and adjust their heat based on the temperature, making them energy efficient.
  • Available as Plug-in or Hard-Wired: Versatile, so you can choose the system that works best for you.
  • Installed by Teams of Professionals: Webfoot's teams are experienced and highly qualified with miles of heat cable installation already completed!

Why You Need Heat Cables

During the winter season, snowfall will naturally settle on roofs. When the snow melts from the heat of the sun, it forms water that should run into gutters and away from the home. However, the inside of a home also generates heat that can cause the snow on the roof to melt. When that happens, the water will still run toward the gutter but it will freeze when it extends past the outer wall of the home, or the "soffit edge."

Because the outside air is still cold enough to freeze, the soffit edge will also be cold enough that the water will freeze just outside the reach of the heat coming from inside the home. This creates a melting/freezing cycle.

This cross-section view of a roof illustrates how the heat from a home can cause snow to melt.

As the heating and cooling process cycles, the ongoing formation of ice will continue to freeze the water running off the roof. The ice will grow and prevent water from reaching the gutters. In other words, it creates an "ice dam."

The formation of ice dams.

The water behind these frozen dams then has nowhere to go... or so it seems. Water is resourceful and can find its way into nooks and crannies of any size, and unfortunately this means it can find a way right back into your home. In fact, every year we see folks with roof damage, gutter damage, soggy insulation, and interior water damage (including wet ceilings and walls). Beyond just ruined drywall, this can also cause electrical issues.

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