Garage flooring


It’s the last thing you see when you leave in the morning, and the first thing you see when you arrive home. It’s your ugly, cracked, stained garage floor, and it’s begging for help. Webfoot’s award winning concrete coating can take your garage floor from drab to fab in just one day… making you proud to open that garage door!

Webfoot vs The Other Guys

Coating Type
How they fail
The Webfoot Difference


  • Usually a “painted on” layer over concrete that stains easily and becomes brittle

  • Difficult to prep concrete without professional equipment

  • Most are low quality epoxy that will crack and peel in a short period of time

  • Our polyurea bonded with concrete will not chip or peel and is highly stain resistant

  • We use industrial equipment and professional grinders to expertly prep
    your concrete

  • Our 3-step system is backed by a lifetime warranty


  • 2-4 day installation

  • 5-7 day cure time

  • Not UV stable

  • Loses flexibility, resulting in chipping or peeling

  • 1-day installation

  • 24-hour cure time

  • Superior UV stability

  • 4x more flexible & 10x stronger than epoxy


  • Cures from the outside-in, resulting in a weak bond with the concrete

  • Subject to cracking, fading, or peeling, especially under extreme conditions

  • Our polyurea base-coat creates a high concentration of chemical bonds with concrete

  • Superior resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemicals

  • Can withstand harsh environments & extreme temperatures


  • Diluted with fillers for lower cost

  • Contains high levels of VOCs that can be harmful with strong odors

  • Contains lower level of solids, leading to inconsistent chip coverage & poor adhesion

  • Pure polyurea with no fillers

  • Our polyurea compound contains no VOCs

  • Our formulation has over 99.% solids for excellent chip coverage & lifetime adhesion