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Concrete Coatings

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There are lots of questions to be had when it comes to reclaiming your wasted space and trusting us to do so. Investing in your home’s flooring is not a decision that should be taken lightly and we hope that by covering our most common questions, we can make you as informed as possible while you’re considering coating your home’s surfaces.

Is there a warranty with something like this?
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Absolutely! A darn good one at that! We offer a lifetime warranty for all residential applications. Unlike other concrete coating options, our pure polyurea coatings are durable and long-lasting, meaning we can commit to a long-term warranty, because we know our coatings are there for the long-haul.

How much does a concrete coating cost?
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There’s no simple formula, but there’s a way for you to get a rough idea/ballpark of how much you will likely spend on your concrete floor coating. Webfoot Concrete Coatings has 18+ years of professional experience, and we have a great understanding of the factors that go into pricing a concrete coating project. We’re offering insight on the 5 concrete coating cost factors that will help you define a price range for your specific project. We’ll explain how the square footage, product, existing condition of concrete, preparation, and customization options play a part in the total cost of a concrete coating.

What happens in an estimate and do I really need one?
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When you schedule an estimate, one of our concrete specialists will come to your home and take a careful look at your space. This allows us to give you the most accurate cost estimate with careful consideration of your spaces square footage, your existing concrete’s condition, your chosen design system, and any add-ons that you need to make your space feel complete.

Can you coat heated garage floors?
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Yes! If you have a radiant heat system within your garage or shop floor, we can absolutely still coat your floor. No question.

Is this coating slippery? I want to coat my patio, but worry it will be too slick?
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This is an excellent question & for good reason! There is nothing worse than installing a brand new flooring system and having it be a health hazard. For this reason, our coatings have been designed to be slip-resistant. And that resistance can be customized even further to provide either a smooth finish or a textured, rougher feel for additional slip protection.

I currently have a failing epoxy coating, can it be removed before applying a new coating?
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Absolutely. We wouldn’t want you to suffer another day with a bad epoxy coating. Our teams are equipped with the expertise & equipment to remove your epoxy coating and install a brand new flooring system. This process typically doesn’t require a ton of time but does entail a more in-depth grinding process to ensure your surface is prepped for coating.

Can I customize my coating’s color & texture?
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We know that your garage, shop, or commercial facility has specific flooring needs. There’s no one application that fits every scenario like a glove. That’s why we offer a line of concrete floor coating systems for you to choose from, pairing each system’s unique attributes with your list of flooring must-haves. Our coatings are available in both a variety of finishes and colors, along with options for customizing chip colors, patterns, and adding logos. In fact, use our visualizer to get an idea of what your space will look like in full color.

Can you coat outdoor spaces?
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You bet! Our coatings work extremely well for all your exterior projects as they are designed to handle all the natural elements & harsh conditions thrown their way. We’ve even listed a few of the benefits of installing our coatings outside:

  • Durability – Polyurea isn’t brittle like epoxy, meaning that it is more durable throughout its lifetime. Even with the expansion and contraction of the concrete underneath (thanks to our diverse Oregon weather), you don’t need to worry about your coating. In fact, polyurea is 10x more flexible than epoxy!
  • Better Bond – Our summers get HOT. Because of this, epoxy can actually stick to your car’s tires, causing hot-tire pickup. Major bummer… Polyurea chemically bonds with the concrete, meaning that it essentially becomes one with the surface. Hot tires are a non-issue. In fact, the concrete would have to LITERALLY pull up with polyurea coating for it to ever be a risk!
  • Temperature-Tolerant – Epoxy is a little finicky, needing just the right conditions, temperature, and time to totally cure. Polyurea just jumps right in and bonds, thanks to the chemical reaction that takes place. Science beats weather, every time.

Is this coating safe for interior projects?
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The answer is 100% YES. Oftentimes we get this question because people are concerned about noxious odors and smells, like the ones left behind by a lot of epoxies. The fumes can linger for days BEYOND the multiple days it takes to install the coating.

Most of the time our coatings are installed in 1 DAY or less, and have low-to-no VOCs. That means there are no lingering smells. The next day your space is fresh, clean, and ready to use. Seriously.

Can you coat damaged concrete?
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In a perfect world, all of our concrete would be smooth, beautiful, and blemish-free, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not often the case… Well, at least until our team finishes coating it. But in all seriousness, concrete is typically found in hardworking spaces (like garages), meaning that it’s seen more than its share of use and abuse. The next question naturally is, how much damage can we repair as part of our coating prep process? Our blog Can We Coat Damaged Concrete? digs deep into the details of what we can and can’t coat.

Do you only coat concrete?
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We wish we could provide a coating for every material and bad flooring option you’ve run into, and believe me, we’re working on it. However; in the meantime we have found creative ways around repairing non-concrete surfaces. Our estimators are extremely knowledgeable and will do their best to work around any situation and flooring you may have, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a newly coated space. Here is an example of a carpeted commercial building that suffered from their flooring trapping odors and being less than ideal for a high traffic business. Our crews were able to pull the carpet and lay down a fresh new coating on the surface below. For our Central Oregon readers this location may look particularly familiar!

What kind of maintenance and upkeep should I expect with my new floor?
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As you can imagine, one reason to invest in a professional, concrete coating is how easy it is to clean. So not only is your concrete surface protected, but you don’t have to spend hours power washing, sanding or painting anything. Your concrete coating will look as good as it did on the day of installation, for years to come. Moreover, a concrete coating can add slip-resistance to an otherwise slippery and potentially hazardous pool area . Our protective concrete system also resists: Water, Salt, Chemicals, Impacts, UV Rays, Mold & Mildew, and Peeling and lifting.

Can I do this coating myself?
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We’ve had some folks ask if we can sell them the product so they can take on coating their concrete surface themselves, and others ask if they can go to [name your favorite big box home supply store] and buy the same coating. The answer is nope and nope. We’re big fans of homeowners rolling up their sleeves and tackling a Saturday diy project, but this just isn’t in the same category. Our teams may make it look simple, but that’s just because they’re so good. And they have the right equipment.

How long does the installation process take?
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Considered one of the best parts of our dynamic, innovative system is that the turnaround time on our product is a fraction of the time when compared to other systems that can take several days or weeks to cure. Our pure polyurea system takes one-day to install, meaning you can be back on your floor within 24 hours. Our 5-step process for garage floor resurfacing makes quick, but precise installation possible.

How do I know I need a concrete coating?
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Deciding whether to purchase something expensive is often a big decision, especially when the product you are purchasing is supposed to stand up to several years of abuse. Purchasing concrete coatings for a garage, walkway, porch, driveway or patio requires careful consideration. You should consider if you need an indoor or outdoor coating, the condition of your existing concrete, and the overall goals of your project. We put together six simple questions to help you decide if a concrete coatings purchase is right for you. Read Think You’re In Need of Concrete Coatings? Answer These 6 Easy Questions To Find Out.