Roof Heat Cables in Bend, OR - Our Favorite FAQ!

If you follow us on social media, you know that we’ve been pushing our heat cables in a Serious way. While it might seem odd to be promoting an item that’s useful in the winter during the spring and summer months, there’s a method to our “madness.”

After all the damage we saw our friends and neighbors incur from heat dams this past winter, we want to help you get ahead of the problem.

Think of it this way: do you put a bike helmet on BEFORE you ride, or decide to put it on while you’re falling? Preventative measures have to be taken in advance!

As we spread the word, we naturally are asked a lot of awesome questions. Here are a few of our favorites, but if yours isn’t on the list just let us know. We’re ready to help!

Can Heat Cables Keep Up with Heavy Snowfalls?

Oh yes! No matter how fast the snow is falling here in Bend, OR, our cables will keep the channels wide open for water to flow. In turn, this prevents the dams from forming. Want to know more about how heat cables work? We're here to explain.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Heat Cables?

It's hard to say without seeing your property. What impacts the cost? Well, it really all comes down to how much cable we need to install. The amount of cable is unique to every home and depends on the size of your roof, unique features, and how many problem areas you might have. Every home is different.

Are They Energy Efficient?

Lower-quality models are either on or off. Our heat cables, on the other hand, are made with an energy-efficient design that self-regulates its temperature, saving you bucks from every possible angle.

Can I Buy and Install Heat Cables Myself?

Technically, sure! But we would warn you that the cheap options from big box stores do NOT work as well, and cost more to operate. We really did our research, finding an option that offers a lot more value and performance. And, it’s covered by a 5-year warranty! The pic above says it all!

Let’s Protect Your Central Oregon Home from Ice Dams

Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule a free consultation! We want to make sure you have a stress-free winter this year, and can enjoy the rest of the spring and summer knowing you’re covered.