2023 Central Oregon Interior Color Trends

Central Oregon thrives on living closely with nature, and our home color trends reflect that connection. A drive through Bend will take you past houses decorated in earthen tones: soft beiges, warm browns, subtle off-whites, and so on. We love earthen tones for their comfort and how they lend themselves to any decor style, but neutral doesn’t have to mean boring.

There’s more variety to earthen tones than the first shades that come to mind. We’ve hand-picked 2023’s 5 Most Intriguing Earth Tones for all of your interior painting needs. 

The 5 Most Intriguing Earth Tones of 2023

1: Clay Beige

sherwin williams redend point
Image Credit: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’s 2023 Color of the Year is the perfect fit for the Central Oregon aesthetic: a blushing beige called Redend Point. They describe the shade as “minimal” and “calming,” but it’s also an ode to the outdoors. Think of the edge of a sunset, a close look at Smith Rock’s tuff, or the warmth of high-desert sand. Go beyond a classic beige with an added touch of pink and red hues to keep your space calm and cozy. 

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2: Moss Green

living space painted moss green

Bring the comfort of pine needles and the softest moss into your home with lush green. Green is new life, continued growth, and a sorely overlooked neutral. It pairs well with any decor, so it’s an easy, but exciting change to try this year.

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3: Soil Brown

library space painted sultry rown

Wake up in the morning to a sultry brown that evokes thoughts of warm coffee and lush soil. Brown is a great alternative to black that offers the same contrast without the harsh and deadening opacity. Use a brown shade to soothe large spaces or call out your favorite accent color. 

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4: Stone Grey

kitchen cabinets painted deep grey

Look around Central Oregon and find this grey layered into the rock along a river bend. A deep grey evokes cliff-sides, river rocks, or a campfire just burned out. Grey can balance between the warm and cool tones in your home making it adaptable for styles from modern to cottagecore. 

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5: Sky Blue

bathroom painting cool blue

A crisp blue with cool undertones will calm and soothe your home like a clear sky. This is perfect for your bedroom walls, or as an accent on your bathroom cabinets. Start and end your day with the serenity of this shade in your space. 

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