Industrial Concrete Coatings

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Let’s Talk About Industrial Concrete Coatings!

When it comes to the world of industrial flooring, we know that you need performance above all else. With the daily wear and tear of production or manufacturing, it’s crucial your surface has the ability to live up to the tasks at hand. In addition to performance, ongoing strength and durability is a must as it eases the burden and cost of maintenance down the road.

There are also safety considerations, and the importance of staying within industry guidelines and standards.

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Serious Industrial Durability & Performance

Our polyurea system, topped with a polyaspartic topcoat, is designed for performance, and offers a rapid return to service. In fact, we can often transform and protect your floor in as little as one day, allowing you to quickly resume your operations.

Here are a few other key benefits to consider:

  • High-build, low-odor application for minimal production downtime
  • Slip-resistant
  • Withstands impact and abrasions
  • Resists stains and chemicals
  • Low-maintenance
  • Cost-effective flooring solution
  • UV-stable
  • 4x stronger than epoxy

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The Webfoot Way

We believe the best foot forward is a webbed one. That’s why we created The Webfoot WayTM, a systemized process designed to make our customers’ experience truly exceptional through clear communication, accountability, and going above and beyond from start to finish.


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