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The Best Flooring – Broadcasted Chip System

Our broadcasted chip flooring system brings style and function to the high-traffic areas of your residential, commercial or garage space.

When it comes to making an investment in your flooring, be that your home or business, strength alone isn’t enough—aesthetics and style matter! To protect and beautify a wide range of indoor and outdoor areas, Webfoot Concrete Coatings is proud to install our resilient and visually-appealing chip system flooring. Designed for more than just garage flooring, our systems are perfect for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. Our innovative chip flooring is hassle-free and includes one-day installation with a maximum curing time of 48 hours.

Versatile Chip System Flooring for Multipurpose Applications

With its textured surface and multidimensional appearance, chip system flooring is an excellent choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, including garage floors and pool decks. Broadcasted chip flooring also works great in commercial spaces like restaurants, showrooms, warehouses, offices, salons and retail stores. Upon installation of our reliable flooring you can count on an array of great features and benefits:

  • Dependable Adhesion: Our formula creates a long-lasting bond between the coating and your concrete floor; you won’t have to worry about flaking, peeling or chipping.
  • Rapid Curing: Our chip system coatings are specially manufactured for rapid curing; you can walk on your floors again in just 12 hours!
  • Lasting Durability: Thanks to a beautiful, 100% polyurea construction, our versatile floor coatings are resistant to impacts, abrasions and chemicals.
  • UV Stability: An essential feature of flooring in outdoor areas—including patios, porches or pool decks—must be UV stability. Our chip system coatings won’t deteriorate or fade even after years of exposure to the elements .

Cost-Efficient Coatings for Garage Floors and More

If you’re ready to protect your investment with a reliable and durable flooring solution that will stand the test of time, give Webfoot Concrete Coatings a call today! To speak with one of our flooring specialists and receive a free, no-obligation quote, fill out our online form now.

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